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    Gujarat to push for organic farming through school text-books


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    Political leadership promotes natural farming, while Amul has already launched a category on organic foods

    Ahmedabad, June 10 In a bid to make organic and natural farming popular among the masses, the Gujarat government has taken a different route to develop sensitivity towards chemical-free farming practices among students, parents and a larger society.

    The State education department has stated that it will introduce a special chapter on organic farming in the syllabus of class 9 to 12. The education department has roped-in experts on the natural farming practices to prepare the content of the chapter. The aim, according to the State education department, is to make students and parents aware about the natural farming and its benefits.

    Starting academic year 2022-23, a chapter titled ‘History of Indian farming and introduction to natural farming’ will be introduced in the Class-9 textbook of the State education board. The advanced chapters will be introduced in the class-10, 11 and 12 in the subsequent years.

    The chapter will talk about the history of India’s ancient farming practices, self-reliant agriculture and the rise of green revolution and its benefits, besides it will also discuss about what does natural farming mean and why and how it can be a best alternate for farming. It will also sensitise them towards the adoption of organic/natural farming, which gives higher and good quality yield at lower costs.

    State Education Minister Jitu Vaghani stated that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid down a roadmap to free Indian agriculture from the dangerous chemical fertilisers and protect the health of the citizens.

    “Gujarat government is emphasising on zero-budget farming, under which the government wants to encourage and promote natural farming,” said Vaghani adding that the inclusion of a topic on organic farming into the formal education will sensitise the students at the young age and will provide them guidance towards chemical-free farming.

    “The aim is to sensitise the students and their parents to reduce the use of chemical fertilisers and insecticides. This will benefit the State with better quality agricultural produces and improve the overall health of the citizens,” said Vaghani.

    Notably, the organic mission has been receiving strong support from the government and the market leaders. Last month, Governor Acharya Devvrat had stated that Gujarat will take a lead in organic farming in the country as it was the need of the hour for the enrichment of farming and welfare of farmers. Later at a seminar of cooperative sector in Gandhinagar on May 28, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had recommended farmers to take up organic farming.

    India’s largest food brand, Amul has already launched packaged organic wheat atta in consumer packs, while it plans to launchorganic pulses and organic grains including rice.

    Published on June 10, 2022

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