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    Fund Query: Do I have good funds in my MF portfolio?


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    Passive funds suffice for large-cap investing

    Presently I have ongoing SIPs in the following funds: SBI Focussed Equity, Kotak Bluechip, Kotak Equity Opportunities, ICICI Value Discovery, PGIM India Midcap Opportunities and PGIM India Flexicap. Is this a good set of funds? Also, would it be advisable to start two new SIPs in ICICI Balanced Advantage and ICICI India Opportunities? Kindly advise.

    Srinivas A.R.

    Information on how much you are investing in these funds every month, what is the corpus you have currently, what goal you are saving for, and the time period is not available. Hence, a comprehensive review of your portfolio is not possible.

    As far as the fund choices go, you have one fund each in the focused (SBI Focused Equity), large-cap (Kotak Bluechip), large and mid-cap (Kotak Equity Opportunities), value (ICICI Pru Discovery), mid-cap (PGIM Midcap) and flexicap (PGIM Flexicap) categories. The value, flexi-cap and mid-cap funds are top quartile performers in the respective categories over longer time periods of three and five years for investments made in SIP mode. Kotak Equity Opportunities and SBI Focused Equity are a bit of middle-of-the-road performers in the last three years. You can continue investing, but keep a closer watch on these funds as of now. The Bluechip fund lags index funds/ETFs in SIP returns over three- and five-year periods. Passive funds suffice for large-cap investing. You can hence consider index funds instead of actively managed ones for this category.

    ICICI Pru Balanced Advantage is a hybrid fund that juggles between equity and debt according to market conditions. When market valuations are at a high, the fund usually hedges a part of its equity exposure and also ups its debt holdings, thereby limiting the impact of a market fall. You can begin SIPs here. ICICI India Opportunities is a thematic fund investing in special situations such as corporate restructuring, regulatory changes, etc. It has a short track-record having been launched in January 2019. It is best-suited to be a satellite/tactical holding in your portfolio, if you have a high risk-appetite.

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    Published on June 04, 2022

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