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    British start-up One Moto to start delivery of e-scooters in June


    One Moto is a relatively new name in the Indian EV space but the company has plans to dominate the market with quality products that are made in India and for Indian conditions.

    With the government’s push for electrification of mobility and the rising fuel prices, a lot of established automakers are making a shift to EVs. An even larger number of companies are entering the realm of automobiles but not all have been very successful. The recent mishaps with a number of electric scooters have not helped the cause and raised a few important questions regarding the manufacturing and safety of such products. We spoke to Aditya Reddy, VP of Sales & Marketing of One Moto India, a new marquee in the Indian market but one that has roots in Europe. In our interaction, we picked his brains to find out what the ideology of his company is and how they plan to bring better quality products to the market.

    Q) You are a brand with British roots. What made you enter the Indian market?

    After shaping and electrifying mobility in UAE, Africa, and Europe, One-Moto has seen the potential for the Indian market for both B-C and last-mile delivery and has plans for setting up its base now in India.

    Q) For all the products you are currently selling, what is the level of localisation. Also, are you designing and producing crucial components like the battery and motor yourself?

    Currently, our R&D team is working on the localisation of the current fleet. Our manufacturing unit should be fully operational by this FY that will cater to both domestic and international markets. Both battery and motor will be localised in the manufacturing unit.

    Q) What kind of sales numbers are you looking at right now and what are your goals moving forward? Which One Moto product has generated the most number of bookings so far?

    One Moto Byka
    One Moto Byka

    For this FY we are looking at 25,000 units, once our unit will be operational, we will scale up 4x, catering to both the domestic market and exports. All three models have an excellent response for the build quality, style, and other safety features. Roadside assistance is a big hit among buyers.

    Q) When do you plan to begin deliveries?

    We entered the Indian market in November 2021 and established ourselves in the market through our strong dealership network across India. The delivery of bikes will begin in early June. From the start of our journey in November 2021 to delivery in June 2022, is a rather short time for any OEM to have achieved this feat. This is due to the commitment, vision and hard work of team One Moto.

    Q) With so many players in the EV two-wheeler category and many more joining in every now and then, why are One Moto vehicles not priced more aggressively? What key demographic are you targeting?

    All the existing models that we have launched are EEC certified. Safety, aesthetics, road grip, speed, and range are all as per European standards. The feedback we get after test rides is amazing and the product is accepted by people from all walks of life.

    Q) You currently have three products in your portfolio. What is the next category you are looking at?

    One Moto Commuta
    One Moto Commuta

    As part of our business expansion plan and market presence, we have plans to introduce two more models to the Indian market, currently, these models are in the prototype stage.

    Q) Accessibility to showrooms for purchase and servicing is a big part of the vehicle buying experience. How many dealerships do you have across the country right now and how do you plan to improve your presence in the market?

    Our current dealership network covers Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Goa. Our plan for Q2 is to add more states. At present we have a total of 75 dealers in the country.

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