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    AFTER HOURS: Phalgun Kompalli, Co-founder, upGrad


    Kompalli is a big sports fan

    The Job

    It’s easier said than done but I come to work every day to make a difference. The world of education is such that it gives me the opportunity to positively impact someone’s life and that too, sustainably. The daily stories of our upGrad learners transforming their lives egg me on to strengthen my commitment to my work and industry. And I feel lucky to work towards enabling that for millions of people, globally.

    The education sector can be very conservative, dominated by the old-world approach, which can prove to be detrimental when we consider the overall pace of change in the world. I really hope to accelerate innovation and efficiency to ensure that learners do not get impacted in the future.

    The Weekdays

    I love meeting our team members and I use every opportunity to go around the office, catching up with people, meeting new employees and understanding their excitement or challenges. Otherwise, my typical day includes six hours of meetings, two hours of emails and two to three hours of individual thinking and ideation.

    The Weekend

    I am a big sports fan. I love to play tennis or squash on both days of the weekend. Then I catch up on some reading or spend time watching the English Premier League or Formula 1. I also enjoy slipping in a few episodes of Seinfeld every time I can squeeze in 25 minutes.

    The Toys

    I enjoy driving, and look for opportunities to take my car out for long drives. And recently, I have been playing around with my Oculus. It really fascinates me, so I spend a lot of time exploring that.

    The Logos

    Most of my wardrobe is Uniqlo and Lululemon, and I am very loyal to both these brands. I am lazy and always prefer slipping on loafers, so my go-to comfort shoes are Tods. However, when it comes to upGrad as a brand I take a lot of pride and admire how every single person associated with the company is working towards making it one of the leading higher-edtech global brands.

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