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    The Daily Dose: May 16, 2022 



    Here’s a list of top Covid-19-related stories of the day

    #Call for anti-profiteering measures: A personal loss during Covid-19’s second wave brings home the ugly truth about runaway hospital prices. “This week will mark a year since my wife Mankeerat Lamba passed away at a private hospital in Delhi due to Covid-19. While coping with the loss and grief hasn’t been easy for our family,” says a guest writer for BusinessLine, sharing a personal experience with a significant public health message to health authorities.

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    #Missed the bus? There is no global consensus yet on ways to make Covid-19 vaccines, medicines, diagnostics and other healthcare tools accessible to more people around the world.

    More than two years into the pandemic, battle lines continue to be firmly drawn over a proposal to temporarily waive intellectual property (IP) on Covid-19 tools — mooted by India and South Africa at the World Trade Organization in October 2020.

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    #Daily tally: India reported 2,202 new cases in 24 hours, and 27 deaths.

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    #Shanghai reopens: Supermarkets, malls and restaurants in Shanghai will be allowed to open in a limited capacity starting Monday, officials said, even while it remained unclear whether residents would be let out of their homes.

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    #Covid-19 in North Korea: North Korea on Monday reported eight new deaths and 3,92,920 more people with fever symptoms amid a growing Covid-19 outbreak as leader Kim Jong Un blasted officials over delays in medicine deliveries and ordered his military to get involved in the pandemic response in the country’s capital, Pyongyang.

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    Published on May 16, 2022

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