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Top 10 Summer Care Tips for your car


Here are ten simple steps to keep your car safe during summer. Some of these cost no money at all but are essential to keep your vehicle in top shape.

With temperatures on the rise this summer, your vehicle needs some TLC. Looking after your vehicle during summer will not only keep you and your vehicle safe but will keep other road users safe and prevent accidents. So without further ado, here are 10 essential tips to keep in mind to keep your car safe during summer.  

Park in the shade
It’s an obvious tip, however, not many do this. A simple act of spending a few more minutes looking for a parking spot under the shade will help keep the car cool significantly. It will also protect the interior of the car from fading and the seat upholstery from damage.

Keep the cabin cool
If you do not find a shade to park under, just roll down your windows by a centimetre, this will help keep the cabin cool. Although not effective as parking under a shade, this will at least save the car from being an oven when you step in. Just remember not to roll down the windows too much, as people can reach into the cabin and steal valuables.

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AC service
Even if not just for the summer, it is a good habit to periodically service the air conditioning system of the car. Check for leaks, blocked vents, and cooling, because the AC goes through an extra workload during the summer.

Radiator service
Check the radiator for leaks and its working condition. The radiator is an essential component that helps keep the engine cool, and during summer, it is especially important to give it a check.

Check Coolant
Checking the coolant goes hand in hand with a radiator service. Check its level and ensure you use the right type of coolant for your vehicle. Two of the most common reasons for vehicle breakdowns during summer are coolant and radiator leaks.

Check all fluids
Keep an eye on all the fluids — engine oil, transmission oil, axle oil, etc. Good lubrication is essential, since running components already produce a lot of heat, and the added summer heat can cause issues if fluids are not checked. Use good quality oils or the ones recommended by the manufacturer.

Tyre pressure
Summer can cause tyre pressure to rise, especially on long journeys, and cause punctures that can lead to an accident. There are two ways to avoid this, one is to check the tyre pressure periodically or at the beginning of the journey, and two, to use nitrogen. Unlike air, nitrogen is inert, meaning it does not mix with other molecules in the air and increases the tyre pressure. However, it is advisable to keep a check, especially during summer.

Tyre tread
Tyre tread is often ignored by many. Check your car’s tyre tread and change if needed. Running a tyre with the tread worn out will only increase the chances of punctures. The summer heat can also melt tar on the road and if a wet patch happens to be around a corner, it can be dangerous. Also, not just for summer, but keeping a check on tyre tread in general throughout the year helps.

Check rubbers
A vehicle consists of many rubber components such as hoses under the hood, rubber bushes, door seals, etc. Make it a practice to check all of them at the beginning of the summer season as they can become brittle, leading to leaks and component failures.

One of the most common issues during summer is paint fade, especially on the roof and bonnet. To avoid this, visit a specialist like 3M and opt for any of their many services, such as polish, wraps, or special coatings that will safeguard the paint,

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