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Niti Aayog to launch national platform for data and analytics



Will help encourage data-driven decision-making and research

Niti Aayog will launch a web-based platform for data and analytics on Friday, which will help users to access Central government data more easily in one place. The National Data and Analytics Platform (NDAP), conceived in 2020, will be launched by newly appointed Vice Chairman of Niti Aayog, Suman Bery, an official said adding it will help encourage data-driven decision-making and research.

Though the portal will currently feature about 200 datasets from various ministries of the Centre, at a later stage data from State governments and up to village levels will also be included in a phased manner, sources said.

Easing users’ problem

The new portal will also ease the problem of users who many times get data in the form of image files or in PDF format make the compilation a herculean task. The government will also ensure data gathering a regular job and provide latest data as much as possible, the sources said.

“Though on one hand the government promises to provide data though a new portal, it is seen that many times data are withdrawn or assess denied to public if they are inconvenient for the officials. The fertiliser demand and sales data started during UPA government was withdrawn for public access after the government faced negative reports in media last year on DAP availability,” said a former secretary of the Central government.

Published on May 13, 2022

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