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7 things to help homeowners fetch the best deal for their house


Although selling a house can be an overwhelming procedure, a right proptech platform can make it relatively convenient and easy.

Whether you are moving because of a job, education, or simply buying a new house because the old one doesn’t suit your present requirements, selling the house for the first time can be a daunting task. After all, the process entails a lot more than just putting a ‘For Sale’ board and spreading word-of-mouth among peers.

Most first-timers are often left contemplating where to begin? What cost-effective upgrades can increase the property’s market value?

NoBroker experts have curated a list for first-time home sellers to make the journey easier and more efficient.

Price it right

Technology can help you price your house appropriately. Platforms like NoBroker use AI to help you understand what the correct selling price of your house should be. They use intelligence from data that has been captured about properties in the area, price of square foot in that area, circle rate, etc. They will compare your property with similar properties around the area, weigh in the amenities and other possible features and then set the right price range. If you do price cuts later, buyers might get a negative impression and think something is wrong with the property. Don’t forget to add the money you spent on renovating and maintaining the home to ensure you get a profitable deal.

Use a reliable proptech platform

Using a good proptech platform can be extremely beneficial. These platforms use technology not only to make your property more visible but also use tools to help you estimate the correct price of the property. Aside from assisting with paperwork and legal documents, the professionalism and transparency that they bring to the transaction is very useful. A good platform can find you the best possible deal.

Prep your house

While putting your house up for sale, make sure it looks reasonably presentable for possible buyers. Tie up loose ends in terms of property maintenance, fixing locks, sprucing up leaking roofs and taps, patching holes, and similar one-off repairs. It is always best to create a list of things you want done to make the entire process more manageable and efficient.

Digital representation of the house should be top-notch

Pictures make a great impact. Especially in case of resale properties, a prospective buyer would shortlist a property first on the basis of how it looks in images. Given the fact that the property is not new, prospective buyers are more alert about loopholes as expectation is that somethings would definitely be amiss. While a platform can help increase chances of property being discovered, pictorial representation is what would fetch client interest.

You could amp it up by posting a 3D tour of your house. A professional photographer could come in really handy for the job. Ensure that the potential buyers get a comprehensive view of the property.

Fix the lighting

A well-lit house is much more welcoming than a house that is not well lit. Lighting is the most underrated factor that contributes to a house looking inviting or depressing. Along with that it is crucial to keep your house neat and clutter-free. When you are staging a furnished property, remove any personal belongings. Try to keep everything, whether furniture or household items like table lamps or electronic items, neatly arranged.

Paint adds appeal

A freshly-painted house can add the feeling of newness for a resale property. In case of resale properties, freshly-painted walls can elevate the look and help attract more buyers.

Collate all documents

It is very crucial that home sellers collate all legal documents of the property. Prospective buyers feel more confident about a property where there is no legal dispute and paper work is more sorted.

Wrapping Up

Although selling a house can be an overwhelming procedure, a right proptech platform can make it relatively convenient and easy.

A reliable proptech platform can do wonders for you to get the correct property value. It will be an investment that pays tenfold in the future. This one smart step will help you reap the actual rewards of their long-standing investment and ensure their property is adequately appreciated.

(By Amit Agarwal, CEO & CO-Founder, NoBroker.com)

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