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The Daily Dose, May 10, 2022: 



Some of the top Covid-19 stories curated for you

# Indians on the move: Even with the rise in Covid-19 cases, the travel and hospitality business is hectic.

# Counting those who died from Covid-19: This needs to be done in the interest of India’s public health, or else a valuable exercise will be lost in the din.

# Low on boosters: The least coverage is in the 18-44 age cohort as vaccine resistance plays a part.

# Questions on Paxlovid: As more doctors prescribe Pfizer’s powerful Covid-19 pill, new questions are emerging about its performance, including why a small number of patients appear to relapse after taking the drug.

# Drop in research funding: Novavax Inc revealed a sharp drop in its Covid-19 research funding for the first quarter and said it shipped less than a fourth of the total planned Covid vaccine deliveries for 2022.

Published on May 10, 2022

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