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Synersoft Technologies launches a campaign for its BLACKbox


As a part of the campaign, the company is launching a video series named ‘Videos for Laymen’

Synersoft Technologies has launched a campaign for its product BLACKbox. As a part of the campaign, the company is launching a video series named ‘Videos for Laymen’ to create awareness among laymen about data leakage prevention.

The company wants people to be informed about data leakage prevention, Vishal Shah, co-founder and CEO, Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. said. “Nowadays, data loss is the major problem faced by every enterprise thus knowledge regarding this issue is very important. We have started this video series to make people aware of data theft and data loss. We have created BLACKbox for data protection. It has several features that help enterprises in data loss protection and data theft prevention,” he added.

With this series, the company explains the capabilities of BLACKbox using a video designed to help a layperson understand a complex subject. These short videos depict a lay person’s understanding of how a mail attachment or blind carbon copy can be used to leak enterprise data. It also explains how BLACKbox provides mail surveillance to protect against data leakage caused by improper email system use. These video series are informative and beneficial to small and medium sized enterprises (SME).

Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd is the maker of disruptive technology for SMEs. Technologies developed by Synersoft are aimed at minimising IT infrastructure costs for SMEs, and enhancing their competitiveness with IT standardisation. These solutions focus on data preservation, data security, fraud mitigation, and software license cost minimisation.

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