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Jabra Elite 7 Active review: Tuned for exercise and music



These earbuds offer the best of many worlds with good sound, sweat resistance, ANC and calls

Just because you’re busy working out certainly doesn’t mean you forget all about the sound of the music that you love. In fact, you the tracks to energise you and motivate you to keep going. Jabra’s Elite 7 Active, as you can see by the name, has been created to be a workout companion. It starts with the design…

It’s all-plastic and feels it, but compact and easy to carry about in any pocket worth its salt. The case does show any natural oil on your fingers, but it’s easily wiped clean. I didn’t find myself particularly thrilled with the opening method because it needs you to look carefully and use both hands. There’s no easy way to flick it open with one hand. 

The buds are shaped in rounded clumps and require twisting about and fitting into your ear. Once in, they’re secure and comfortable enough. There are extra ear-tips provided. The earbuds are covered in softened synthetic material and are IP67 water and sweat resistant, and are designed not to slip out or be ruined from the fluid. 

It’s essential to get the Jabra Sound+ app which has all the settings and controls and any firmware updates. I found an update waiting to happen, which was meant to tackle some connectivity issues. I certainly experienced quite a few of those, with first seeming to get barely any volume on an Android phone and then having just one earbud working and then refusing to connect afresh to other phones, including an iPhone. Eventually, with the update, these were sorted out, and I heared the Elite 7 Active come into their own. 

The sound quality on these earbuds is quite nice. A little heavy on the bass, but overall satisfying well-rounded sound. In the app, the equaliser has six sound profile pre-sets but also lets you set your own though you can save and name your profiles. 

The active noise cancellation is pretty good and comes out with the input of the seal as well. There’s a hear-through mode and you can toggle between these two or nothing at all with a press on the earbud’s button. The controls on the earbuds are nice because they involve pressing a clicky button instead of a big tap which then sends a thump resounding into your ear, a method I always find thoroughly unpleasant. 

The noise cancellation and good sound quality seal you off effectively from the outside world and leave you to concentrate on your workout rather nicely. The ‘ear-gel’ they are made with makes them quite comfortable to wear for a long session. The battery is meant to last eight hours before going back into the case. In total, you get 30 hours. Quick charging is supported. A 5-minute charge brings you an hour’s playback – in case you’ve forgotten to top up before a workout. 

As ever, Jabra is good with phone calls on its earbuds. You can use one bud at a time – pop the other back into the case. These are tough, comfortable, and have great sound. With good battery life and active noise cancellation, there are a lot of wins – as long as you have the patience to sort out any connectivity issues you bump into.

Published on May 08, 2022

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