2022 New Range Rover First Look Review: A Lot More Luxury & Features In This 'Do-It-All' Super Luxury SUV

2022 New Range Rover First Look Review: A Lot More Luxury & Features In This 'Do-It-All' Super Luxury SUV

The Range Rover has been the most popular SUV and a brand in its own right in terms of luxury SUVs. Despite rivals, the Range Rover has always been the most popular SUV in its class and now India finally gets the new generation model giving us an opportunity to have a detailed look at what all is new with the fifth generation model.

It is clear that the Range Rover is all-new and is a big change from the earlier generation model with a new platform, a lot more luxury and tech along with a sleek design. Despite still maintaining the classic Range Rover-like design which makes it instantly recognisable, everything is all new including smoother lines all around the car.

Photo: Somnath Chatterjee Photo: Somnath Chatterjee A lot of attention has been placed in terms of making the Range Rover design a not-so-complicated one. Some fantastic attention to detail elements include how the edge of the door meets the glass along with the absence of many lines or shut lines all over. Flush door handles are also a nice touch.


The new Range Rover is also huge but elegant while also being much larger than the earlier gen model yet somehow looking fitter thanks to the new look. Our favourite angle is the rear styling because it is completely new along with being a new design trend in itself.

Photo: Somnath Chatterjee Photo: Somnath Chatterjee The gloss black panel includes vertical tail lamps which remain hidden when not in use and use powerful LEDs. Some elements have been kept like the split tailgate but also taking that concept to a new level with the boot floor having a moving panel acting as a backrest for a picnic while even the audio system sound can be diverted here.

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The new Range Rover is also available in long-wheelbase form and that makes perfect sense in being a luxury SUV. Hence, let’s start from the rear seat and this is where it beats other luxury SUVs with everything being electric and no manual controls there.

Photo: Somnath Chatterjee Photo: Somnath Chatterjee The big SUV drops down for easy entry/exit and then there are soft-close doors of course. Once, in the rear seat of the new Range Rover is pure luxury with hugely comfortable seats and having 24 adjustments plus massage and more. You can adjust every part of the seat individually too and all that is done via the centre armrest touchscreen while some functions can also be controlled via the door pad.

However, while a lot of features have been put into it, the new Range Rover is not a very complicated car in terms of tech or luxury and the touchscreen for the rear seat passengers has neatly divided functions for everything. Hence, one need not ask the chauffeur to adjust the sunroof or the sunblinds.


Photo: Somnath Chatterjee Photo: Somnath Chatterjee The sunroof, cupholder, seats, rear entertainment screens and everything else is controlled by the touchscreen including climate control of course.

Space is massive and you can stretch out while also enabling the front passenger seat to fold and liberate even more space for the rear passenger to completely relax.

The new MLA-Flex body architecture has put in more refinement but the folks at Land Rover have gone one step ahead with the incredible noise cancelling technology. The 35-speaker Meridian audio system also includes speakers in the headrests which create quiet zones similar to using headphones while the system also background noise/tyre or engine noise if at all.

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Photo: Somnath Chatterjee Photo: Somnath Chatterjee On the driver side of things, there is a new 13.1-inch curved touchscreen and a 13.7-inch digital driver display. The central screen also has an option of having haptic feedback and that helps using the system on the go. There are a lot of color options and options regarding the trim while also you can spec semi-aniline leather or go for ultrafabrics.

Other important tech bits include the presence of all-wheel steering which cuts the turning circle to the Terrain Response 2 system while also getting independent air suspension of course. Off-road it can also match the Defender also in terms of getting muddy along with having a seriously impressive wading ability and the ground clearance can also be raised by a huge margin.

Photo: Somnath Chatterjee Photo: Somnath Chatterjee We think the six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines which have a 48-volt MHEV system will be the most popular options but for those asking for more power can also go for the new twin-turbo V8 petrol.

With so much luxury, the Range Rover commands a premium price tag but in the scheme of things, it is vastly better value than its competitors in terms of off-road ability, space or the luxury bit. Prices start at Rs 2.38 crore for the 3.0l diesel while the top-end 4.4 V8 will be Rs 3.4 crore. Overall, the first impressions indicate a seriously capable luxury SUV but the important bit is the design, interior and off-road ability. It is indeed a ‘do-it-all’ super luxury SUV.

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