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Covid: ‘Putting people to sleep knowing they may not wake’

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David Hepburn said there is ‘still a steady stream of covid patients in ITU’

Putting Covid patients to sleep knowing they may not wake up is what an intensive care consultant says he hates.

Dr David Hepburn is seeing unvaccinated people dying of Covid after a “really rapid and catastrophic deterioration”.

He said the impact of the Delta variant is most prominent in patients aged 40 to 50.

He also urged vaccinated people to get a booster jab as it seems to have a “big effect”.

The consultant at Aneurin Bevan university health board added there was “steady stream” of Covid patients in intensive care.

There have been 6,295 reported deaths with Covid in Wales since the pandemic began.

Data from the Office for National Statistics showed 70 deaths occurred in Wales in the week ending 5 November.

‘Majority unvaccinated’

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People aged over 50 are already being offered booster jabs

While cases are high at the moment, the number of deaths and hospitalisations are much lower than in the first two waves due to the vaccine roll-out with more than 2.25 million being double-jabbed in Wales.

But Dr Hepburn tweeted: “Still a steady stream of covid patients in ITU. Majority unvaccinated – good people on the whole who have unfortunately believed the negative stories and this has led to them not getting the jab.

“Still getting deaths. Difference to previous waves is delta plus no vaccine seems to lead to really rapid and catastrophic deterioration. Ages last couple months are 40-50 in the main.”

He added: “I suspect nothing I say will change anyone’s mind about getting the vaccine but as your friendly neighbourhood ITU team we really, really think you should.

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Dr David Hepburn speaking about catching Covid in March 2020

‘Get your booster. Seems to have a big effect’

“And if you have had your vaccine, get your booster. Seems to have a big effect – we are seeing vaccine escape in double vaccinated patients, thankfully not many.

“The one thing I hate is putting people off to sleep knowing they may never wake up. The vaccine is really helping, when I think back to this time last year.”

Boosters are already being offered to people over the age of 50, frontline NHS and social care staff and people who are extremely vulnerable to Covid.

Latest figures show 626,012 people have had a booster vaccine.

On Monday, it was confirmed those over 40 will also receive the booster.

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