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We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme “fences”. Here are some of the pictures we received from around the world.

image copyrightAfroditi Kalambouka

image captionAfroditi Kalambouka: “On the first day of the easing of the lockdown restrictions, we went away on a log cabin mini-break. Rather than a barrier restricting access, this fence will remind me of opportunities for travelling again, and will represent a gateway to some sort of normality.”

image copyrightRachel Varley

image captionRachel Varley: “Bringing a splash of colour to our neighbourhood in Horfield, Bristol.”

image copyrightJess Thomson

image captionJess Thomson: “Determined, this Lancashire cow was not going to let a fence hamper her desire to eat.”

image copyrightDuncan Holmes

image captionDuncan Holmes: “We abandoned an endless traffic jam near Stonehenge and took to the country lanes for a break, coming upon this elegantly bent railing – almost improved by a minor collision.”

image copyrightDoris Enders

image captionDoris Enders: “For this caterpillar, the fence is no hindrance to reaching his target.”

image copyrightRichard Hughes

image captionRichard Hughes: “Our garden fence appears to be the local hot-spot for many a pigeon looking for love, but sometimes others need shooing off first: Get off my fence!”

image copyrightLesley Heptinstall

image captionLesley Heptinstall: “A typical Lake District submerged fence serves as a focal point against the early morning mist rising above Lake Coniston. We had to stop the car on our way to another prospective photo shoot so as not to miss capturing this atmospheric scene.”

image copyrightSam Bancroft

image captionSam Bancroft: “This was taken whilst my wife and I were touring Iceland – having taken lots of photos of stunning landscapes whilst visiting, I think this one captures day-to-day farming life in the country… with jaw-dropping backdrops.”

image copyrightLaura Burke

image captionLaura Burke: “Blackhead Lighthouse, Wild Atlantic Way, Co Clare, Ireland, photographed through the fence.”

image copyrightMartin Watson

image captionMartin Watson: “A good use of retired race skis at my allotment in Cardiff.”

image copyrightJane Wynter

image captionJane Wynter: “A fence marking the boundary of the piste in Les Arcs,” at the ski resort in Bourg-Saint-Maurice, France

image copyrightMike Bentley

image captionMike Bentley: “Ice crystals on fence and post alongside the Pennine Way as it comes off Saddleworth Moor, and before crossing the M62.”

image copyrightEmily Trevitt

image captionEmily Trevitt: “Oh deer. Have I been photobombed? A very brave young buck made sure our dog definitely stayed on his side of the fence.”

image copyrightChris Lemon

image captionChris Lemon: “A fence stops the wild dune animals from entering the beach.”

image copyrightAnthony Baldwin

image captionAnthony Baldwin: “Our cat ‘Cat’ slinking on one fence, casting a shadow on our other fence.”

image copyrightJames Bimson

image captionJames Bimson: “Old fence that refuses to fall.”

image copyrightPeter Jarrett

image captionPeter Jarrett: “Canadians aren’t big on fences. I once had a visitor from London who couldn’t believe we didn’t surround our homes with fences. This is a fence attached to a small house overlooking the Atlantic on the east coast of Newfoundland. And the purpose of the fence? To keep the moose out of the vegetable garden! Fewer people, more moose, I guess.”

The next theme is “Outdoor art” and the deadline for entries is 4 May 2021.

The pictures will be published later that week and you will be able to find them, along with other galleries, on the In Pictures section of the website.

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