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Ordinary Aussie bloke’s life-changing deal

Rohit Roygre, of Melbourne, had no idea that when he embarked on his 100-day “no fizzy drink today” journey, it would land him a major deal with a weight loss company.The humble 41-year-old became an overnight TikTok star the moment he documented his journey on the social media platform in July.Titled, “No fizzy drink today,”…

Rohit Roygre, of Melbourne, had no idea that when he embarked on his 100-day “no fizzy drink today” journey, it would land him a major deal with a weight loss company.

The humble 41-year-old became an overnight TikTok star the moment he documented his journey on the social media platform in July.

Titled, “No fizzy drink today,” he used it as a way to hold himself accountable, sharing updates on his battle to end his soft drink addiction which spanned 35 years.

“I was drinking three cans of fizzy drinks a day,” Mr Roygre told

“It was more than an addiction. I never stopped for 35 years.”

It was until he realised the damaging long term affects it could have on his health that he tried overcome his battle.

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“I thought to myself I am not getting any younger, I am 41, and if I continue doing this, my body may give up and that scared me.”

Mr Roygre then turned to recording his ‘no fizzy drink journey’ and after just a few weeks, not only did he go on to attract more than 400,000 followers, his inspiring journey also caught the attention of wellness brand WW (formerly Weight Watchers).

“When they contacted me to be their ambassador, I was of course shocked,” Mr Roygre told “It made me feel really happy and proud and to be honest, really glad and honoured.

“The biggest help during my journey has been the supporters, the community and that’s the reason I got successful, so when WW contacted me, it was a perfect fit with my weight loss journey.”

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Each day Mr Roygre updated his 440,000 followers with his progress announcing he was feeling more energetic and had started eating healthier and exercising.

He admitted there were times he was tempted like during his trips to his favourite restaurant Nandos and for Friday night footy games, but he stayed strong.

But last month he unveiled his amazing transformation to the shock of his followers.

“Finally the day has arrived. We have celebrated smaller milestones which have led us to this milestone – now I have completed 100 days of having no fizzy drink,” Mr Roygre said in a video at the time.

“A big thank you to you guys for providing the love, support and inspiration. Without you guys, this wouldn’t be possible.”

His post was flooded with positive comments from people congratulating him and revealing how his journey inspired them to boycott fizzy drinks.

“Rohit single-handedly saving 2020,” one fan wrote.

“This is the most wholesome content on TikTok,” another added.

The TikTok sensation, who revealed he currently weighs 98.1kg, now has a new goal he wants to conquer – he wants to lose 20kg and with the help of WW he is determined to make it happen.

But he said it’s not just weight loss focus for him, he wants to build healthy habits long term including his mindset, exercise, nutrition and sleep.

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He said since ending his fizzy drink addiction, he has noticed improved changes to his physical appearance after losing 1.5kg. “My face has reduced and my stomach has gone down, and also mentally, my sleep has improved and I have more energy.

“I have now changed my diet where I am eating more fruit and vegetables and the most important thing is I can track my food and sleep now through the WW app – it will also keep me in check.

“And even better, I can still eat what I want, just in moderation.”

The 41-year-old recently began exercising everyday, from walks and runs in the park, ab workouts, to using his at-home cross-trainer, which he also shared videos on TikTok.

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On top of that, WW have given him virtual coaching through its on-demand FitOn workouts as well as trialling some Headspace meditations.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Rohit on the next step of his weight loss and wellness journey,” Nicole McInnes, director of Marketing and Commercial at WW in Australia and New Zealand, said.

“His candid approach and commitment to documenting his experience so far has inspired many people and we are excited to watch this evolve and have no doubt that he will continue to be a role model to many people who are looking to develop healthier habits for life,”

Mr Roygre said he is “super excited” to begin his new weight loss journey, adding that he hopes to continue his new way of life with the help of his dedicated fan base.

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It is Mr Roygre’s infectious and endearing personality that has won the hearts of Australians all over the country.

In fact, some have become so smitten that when he revealed he was married midway through his 100-day journey, some teased they were heartbroken.

“Rohit is married? Well there goes my future plans,” one follower said.

“I can only sleep peacefully after seeing Rohit’s daily vlogs,” another added, while a third person joked, “I would die for this man”.

But despite the overwhelmed amount of attention, Mr Roygre remains humble, saying it is his loyal followers that have given him the motivation to push through and succeed.

“Of course when I put my first video up, I was expecting some support, but not like this. All of their support keeps me going and I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart,” the WW ambassador said.

“I don’t want to let them down.”

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