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The Papers: Trump ‘given oxygen’ and ‘radical new drugs’

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By BBC NewsStaffPublishedduration1 hour agoimage captionThe majority of Sunday’s papers are focused on US President Donald Trump’s health, following his coronavirus diagnosis. Officials have given conflicting reports on Mr Trump’s health, and the Observer says “confusion reigned” over his condition on Saturday night. The president’s doctors – pictured on the paper’s front page – have…

By BBC News



image captionThe majority of Sunday’s papers are focused on US President Donald Trump’s health, following his coronavirus diagnosis. Officials have given conflicting reports on Mr Trump’s health, and the Observer says “confusion reigned” over his condition on Saturday night. The president’s doctors – pictured on the paper’s front page – have said he is doing “very well” in hospital, but their account was disputed moments later by the White House chief of staff who expressed concern about Mr Trump’s condition.
image captionThe Sunday Telegraph quotes sources close to the president as saying Mr Trump was given oxygen on Friday night – as his vital signs were “very concerning”. There were also reports Mr Trump had experienced breathing difficulties that day, the paper says. It comes after the White House insisted the president only had “mild symptoms” when he was flown to hospital on Friday afternoon.
image captionMr Trump is banking his recovery from coronavirus on an experimental drug, reports the Sunday Times. It says the president took a one-off dose of a cocktail of antibody-boosting drugs before being transported to hospital, and has also begun a course of antiviral drug remdesivir. “No other patient is known to have been treated with two such powerful drugs so soon after infection,” the paper adds.
image caption“Just how ill is president Trump?” asks the Sunday Express, amid the ongoing confusion. It notes Mr Trump tweeted he was “feeling well”. The positive diagnosis, made public by the president in a tweet early on Friday, has upended his election campaign and also cast doubt on his attempt to get a new Supreme Court judge confirmed before polling day.
image captionThe Daily Mirror reports a less positive response from the president over his health. It claims Mr Trump repeatedly asked “Am I going to die? when he received his positive test for Covid-19. It also says the president remains in danger after his diagnosis, despite his upbeat tweet from hospital.
image captionThe Mail on Sunday carries claims from a new biography of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, by investigative author Tom Bower, which stretch across 12 pages of the newspaper. Mr Johnson’s father Stanley Johnson has declined to comment on the front-page allegations. Family friends told the paper the incident had been a one-off in the 1970s. They added that Stanley Johnson regretted the incident, and denied that he had been violent on any other occasion.
image captionThe Daily Star Sunday splashes with a picture of the PM’s father, claiming he was seen wearing a face covering beneath his chin at an airport.
image captionThe Sunday People reports the former head of the Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, has issued a plea for the Duke of Sussex to return to the UK. “Come home to help your hero pals, Harry,” it says.

US President Donald Trump’s health is the main news for many of Sunday’s papers.

The Sunday Telegraph says confusion reigns over the true state of his condition because of the contradicting statements of his doctors and officials.

For the Observer, the briefing by his medical team raised more questions than answers. The paper also says Mr Trump’s coronavirus infection has given another dramatic twist to an already tumultuous and perilous US election year.

“Just how ill is President Trump?” the Sunday Express headline asks.

For the Sunday Times, it’s a twist that no political thriller writer would have dared to use on the grounds of credibility.

“If I took a script with this to Netflix”, the Mail on Sunday’s US editor writes, “they would laugh me out of the room”. She says the election is turning into an apocalyptic Hollywood movie without end.

A number of commentators write about Tory frustrations with Boris Johnson’s premiership.

Dan Hodges, in the Mail on Sunday, says his backbenchers have moved from despair to resignation – and given up waiting for the return of “the real Boris”.

Instead, they have decided the time has come to move around and beyond him, he says.

Julie Burchill – who voted Conservative for the first time last December – writes in the Sunday Telegraph that she never expected Mr Johnson to have a moral compass.

“But,” she adds, “I did expect him to possess a political sat nav rather than appear to be a Sunday driver at the wheel of an out-of-control juggernaut.”

In the Observer, Andrew Rawnsley says that like many voters, Tory MPs are now utterly fatigued by serial blunders, gaffes and zig-zags.

The Sunday Times reports that Britain’s biggest cinema chain, Cineworld, is set to close all its screens this week because big budget releases – including the new James Bond movie – have been postponed because of the pandemic.

According to the paper, Cineworld says the industry has become “unviable”. 5,500 jobs are at risk, though the paper adds that the cinemas are likely to reopen next year.

The paper also says that as families decide which relatives to invite to a smaller Christmas lunch – with no sign that the “rule of six” will be relaxed by then – turkey farmers face a dilemma: do they slaughter their birds early or put them on a diet?

It reports that farmers and butchers expect less appetite for bigger birds this year. But an executive of one butchers’ chain tells the paper she hopes festive customers will be “understanding” about the glut of big birds, and try to get some extra meals out of them.

“Because we’ve had a bad year,” she says, “they can celebrate over two days and have Christmas lunch twice.”

Dame Mary Berry?

Finally, the Sunday Telegraph says it understands that Mary Berry is to be made a Dame in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List being published this week – postponed from June because of the pandemic.

According to the paper, the former Bake Off judge is in line for the honour after six decades of cookery writing and broadcasting. Quite right too, the paper’s leader column declares.

It says the Victoria sponge is a timeless British icon – and so too, is Mary Berry.

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