1.5 degrees Keeping the rise in global average temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius will avoid the worst impacts of climate change, scientists say. That’s compared with ‘pre-industrial’ times. The world has already warmed about 1C since then. 2 degrees The original target for limiting the rise in global average temperature. Recent research points to 1.5…

  • 1.5 levels

    Keeping the upward push in global common temperature beneath 1.5 levels Celsius will pick away from the worst impacts of local weather switch, scientists say. That’s in contrast with ‘pre-industrial’ times. The enviornment has already warmed about 1C since then.

  • 2 levels

    The distinctive purpose for limiting the upward push in global common temperature. Latest assessment good points to 1.5 levels being a far safer limit.

  • 3 levels

    The sizzling doubtless upward push in common global temperature by the yr 2100 if international locations pick their guarantees to reduce back emissions of greenhouse gases, that are utilizing local weather switch.

  • 4 levels

    A prediction of the doubtless upward push in common temperature by 2100 if no further motion is taken. This would scrutinize major sea-stage upward push, with many coastal areas changing into uninhabitable, as neatly as long-established excessive heatwaves and huge disruption to agriculture.

  • Adaptation

    An motion that helps deal with the outcomes of local weather switch – as an illustration building properties on stilts to present protection to from flooding, constructing boundaries to make a selection abet rising sea levels or growing vegetation that will continue to exist high temperatures and drought.

  • AGW

    Stands for ‘Anthropogenic World Warming’, this skill that the upward push in temperatures brought on by human exercise esteem the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil. This produces carbon dioxide and other so-known as greenhouse gases, which entice heat within the ambiance and situation off the planet to develop to be warmer. Right here’s as neatly as to adjustments within the local weather which happen resulting from of pure processes.

  • Arctic ice

    The Arctic Ocean freezes in wintry weather and far of it then thaws in summer, and the situation thawing has elevated by 40% over the past few a few years. The Arctic situation is warming twice as snappily because the comfort of the planet.

  • Attribution

    Attribution is the project by which scientists try and display camouflage whether or no longer local weather switch has made a particular weather event – esteem a heatwave – more doubtless.

  • Moderate temperature

    The long-established temperature of the field is calculated with the abet of temperature readings taken from weather stations, satellites and ships and buoys at sea. Currently it stands at 14.9C.


    Stands for ‘Bio Strength with Carbon Grab and Storage’. It be the title for a machine wherein vegetation are grown (which attracts in carbon dioxide from the air) and when they’re burned to method electricity, carbon emissions are captured and then saved. Scientists scrutinize it is a key method to retain the lights on whereas no longer adding to global warming, nevertheless the expertise is in its infancy.

  • Biofuel

    A fuel derived from renewable, biological sources, including vegetation such as maize, palm oil and sugar cane, and some kinds of agricultural extinguish.

  • Biomass

    Biomass is plant or animal field subject used to construct energy or as uncooked materials for other merchandise. The most productive instance is cow dung; one other is compressed wood pellets, that are in fact used in some vitality stations.

  • Carbon

    Carbon is a chemical part which is once quickly described as a building block for all lifestyles on Earth resulting from it is stumbled on in most plant and animal lifestyles. It is far moreover stumbled on in fuels esteem petrol, coal and pure fuel, and when burned, is emitted as a fuel known as carbon dioxide.

  • Carbon employ

    The trapping and removal of carbon dioxide fuel from the air. The fuel can then be reused, or injected into deep underground reservoirs. Carbon employ is once quickly known as geological sequestration. The expertise is for the time being in its infancy.

  • Carbon dioxide

    Carbon dioxide is a fuel within the Earth’s ambiance. It occurs naturally and is moreover a derivative of human actions such as burning fossil fuels. It is far the important greenhouse fuel produced by human exercise.

  • Carbon footprint

    The amount of carbon emitted by an particular particular person or organisation in a given timeframe, or the volume of carbon emitted all the device thru the form of a product.

  • Carbon neutral

    A project where there isn’t the type of thing as a salvage free up of carbon dioxide (CO2). For example, growing biomass takes CO2 out of the ambiance, whereas burning it releases the fuel again. The project would possibly perchance be carbon neutral if the volume taken out and the volume released had been the same. An organization or nation can moreover carry out carbon neutrality via carbon offsetting. The phrase ‘salvage zero’ has the identical this skill that.

  • Carbon offsetting

    Carbon offsetting is most many times used with regards to air fling. It permits passengers to pay further to abet catch up on the carbon emissions created from their flight. The money is then invested in environmental tasks – esteem planting trees or installing photo voltaic panels – which minimize the carbon dioxide within the air by the identical quantity. Some activists have criticised carbon offsetting as an excuse to continue polluting, arguing that it does dinky to replace behaviour.

  • Carbon sink

    Something else which absorbs more carbon dioxide than it emits. In nature, the major carbon sinks are rainforests, oceans and soil.

  • CCU

    Stands for ‘Carbon Grab and Utilisation’. This consists of the use of expertise to draw carbon dioxide from the ambiance and flip it into merchandise esteem biofuels and plastics.

  • Native weather switch

    A pattern of switch affecting global or regional local weather, as measured by common temperature and rainfall, and the device regularly grievous weather events esteem heatwaves or heavy rains happen. This modification will be brought on by both pure processes and by folk. World warming is a casual time duration used to picture local weather switch brought on by folk.

  • Native weather model

    Native weather models are computer simulations of how the ambiance, oceans, land, vegetation and ice behave beneath numerous levels of greenhouse gases. This helps scientists approach up with projections for what Earth will be esteem as global warming continues. The models finish no longer construct right predictions, nevertheless instead suggest ranges of that you just would possibly perchance place confidence in outcomes.

  • Native weather negotiations

    Native weather negotiations happen each and each yr because the United Nations brings governments collectively to focus on motion to forestall local weather switch. The purpose is in total a collective agreement to reduce back carbon emissions by determined dates. The most contemporary of these is the Paris Agreement of 2015 which situation the targets of limiting warming to 2C or 1.5C if that you just would possibly perchance place confidence in. Negotiations are regularly complex resulting from many international locations are heavily dependent on fossil fuels and scare about the outcomes of any set off their economies.

  • CO2

    Methodology carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring fuel which is moreover a serious product of human exercise such as burning fossil fuels. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide within the ambiance skill more heat is retained, inflicting the planet to heat up.

  • COP

    Stands for ‘Convention of the Parties’. It is far the title for the annual UN negotiations on local weather switch beneath what known because the United Nations Framework Convention on Native weather Change (scrutinize UNFCCC). The purpose is to forestall unhealthy human interference with the local weather.

  • Copenhagen

    A UN local weather summit was once held in Copenhagen in 2009 which descended into acrimony and ended with international locations handiest agreeing a non-binding accord that local weather switch was once “in fact one of the necessary largest challenges of the deliver day”. The event is broadly even handed in fact one of the necessary least productive since local weather negotiations began.

  • Coral bleaching

    Coral bleaching refers the switch in colour of coral reefs when the ocean temperature rises above a determined stage, forcing the corals to eject the algae they in total co-exist with – this turns them white. Coral can accumulate neatly if the water cools, nevertheless lasting harm would possibly perchance even be done if it remains too sizzling.

  • Deforestation

    The clearing of forests to method device for farming such as soy vegetation to feed cattle or palm oil for particular person merchandise. This releases necessary levels of carbon dioxide as trees are burned.

  • Deniers

    Native weather deniers think that local weather switch is handiest taking situation resulting from of pure processes and that human exercise has no impartial. They dispute the work of many thousands of consultants round the field, whose assessment has been seek-reviewed and published and is per assessment stretching abet more than a century.

  • Emissions

    Emissions are any free up of gases such as carbon dioxide which situation off global warming, a serious reason unhurried local weather switch. They would possibly perchance even be dinky scale within the originate of exhaust from a automobile or methane from a cow, or elevated-scale such as those from coal-burning vitality stations and heavy industries.

  • Grievous weather

    Grievous weather is any form of uncommon, excessive or unseasonal weather. Examples would possibly perchance be major heat waves, with temperature files damaged, extended droughts as neatly as cool spells and heavier than long-established rainfall. Scientists predict that grievous weather will develop to be more total because the field becomes warmer.

  • Feedback loop

    In a solutions loop, rising temperatures switch the atmosphere in programs which have an impact on the speed of warming. Feedback loops can add to the speed of warming or minimize it. Because the Arctic sea-ice melts, the surface adjustments from being a intellectual reflective white to a darker blue or inexperienced, which permits more of the Sun’s rays to be absorbed. So much less ice skill more warming and more melting.

  • Fossil fuels

    Fuels such as coal, oil and pure fuel had been formed when diminutive vegetation and animals flourished within the outdated past, piquant carbon from the ambiance, earlier than death and being overwhelmed over millions of years. When burned, they free up carbon dioxide.

  • Geo-engineering

    Geo-engineering is any expertise which would possibly perchance be used to total or even reverse local weather switch. Examples vary from extracting carbon dioxide from the ambiance and storing it underground, to more far-fetched solutions such as deploying massive mirrors in predicament to deflect the Sun’s rays. Some scientists say geo-engineering would possibly perchance fair deliver necessary resulting from no longer ample is being done to reduce back emissions of greenhouse gases. Others warn that the applied sciences are unproven and would possibly perchance have unexpected penalties.

  • World temperature

    Typically a reference to temperature averaged throughout the total planet.

  • World warming

    The right upward push in global common temperature in contemporary a few years, which consultants say is largely brought on by human-produced greenhouse fuel emissions. The long-time duration fashion continues upwards with 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 being the warmest years on document.

  • Inexperienced energy

    Inexperienced energy, once quickly known as renewable energy, is generated from pure, replenishable sources. Examples are wind and photo voltaic vitality as neatly as biomass, created from compressed wood pellets.

  • Greenhouse gases

    Pure and human-produced gases that entice heat within the ambiance and warmth the surface. The Kyoto Protocol restricts emissions of six greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, perfluorocarbons, hydrofluorocarbons, and sulphur hexafluoride.

  • Gulf Toddle

    The Gulf Toddle is a heat ocean contemporary which originates within the Gulf of Mexico and flows up the east soar of the United States and throughout the Atlantic Ocean. Scientists think Europe would possibly perchance be very a lot cooler without it. There would possibly be a difficulty that the circulate would possibly perchance be disrupted if rising temperatures melt more polar ice, bringing an influx of freshwater.

  • Hydrocarbon

    A hydrocarbon is a substance consisting fully of hydrogen and carbon. The significant fossil fuels – coal, oil and fuel – are hydrocarbons and as such, are the major offer of emissions linked to local weather switch.

  • IPCC

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Native weather Change is a scientific physique established by the United Nations and the World Meteorological Group. Its impartial is to seek and assess the most modern scientific assessment into local weather switch. Its document in 2018 warned that the upward push in global temperatures must aloof be restricted to 1.5C to retain away from unhealthy impacts.

  • Jetstream

    A jetstream is a slim band of snappily-flowing air at high altitude which acts as major impact on the weather. Jetstreams would possibly perchance be disrupted by warming in polar areas, and this would possibly occasionally perchance fair method grievous weather esteem Europe’s sizzling summer of 2018 more total.

  • Kyoto Protocol

    A situation of rules agreed at Kyoto in Japan in 1997, wherein 84 developed international locations agreed to reduce back their combined emissions by 5.2% of their stage in 1990.

  • Lukewarmers

    A time duration used to picture those that think that local weather switch is ideal, and being pushed by human exercise, nevertheless that its effects is no longer going to be as obnoxious as predicted by scientists.

  • Methane

    Methane is a fuel which traps about 30 times more heat than carbon dioxide. It is far produced by human exercise from agriculture – cows emit enormous portions – as neatly as extinguish dumps and leaks from coal mining. Methane is moreover emitted naturally from wetlands, termites and wildfires. One massive mission is that carbon held in frozen ground in arctic areas will be released as methane as temperatures upward push and the bottom thaws. This would perchance well situation off further, unpredictable global warming.

  • Mitigation

    Action that will minimize human-pushed local weather switch. This entails reducing greenhouse fuel emissions by switching to renewable vitality, or shooting greenhouse gases from the ambiance by planting forests.

  • Gain zero

    A time duration used to picture any project where there isn’t the type of thing as a salvage free up of carbon dioxide (CO2). For example, growing biomass takes CO2 out of the ambiance, whereas burning it releases the fuel again. The project would possibly perchance be salvage zero if the volume taken out and the volume released had been the same. An organization or nation can moreover carry out salvage zero via carbon offsetting. Gain zero processes or manufactured items are once quickly moreover describbed as being ‘carbon neutral’.

  • Ocean acidification

    The ocean absorbs approximately a quarter of human produced carbon dioxide (CO2) from the ambiance, which helps to reduce back the attain of local weather switch. Nonetheless, when the CO2 dissolves in seawater, carbonic acid is formed. Carbon emissions from industry within the final 200 years have already begun to alter the chemistry of the field’s oceans. If this fashion continues, marine creatures will rating it more difficult to create their shells and skeletal constructions, and coral reefs will be killed off. This would have serious penalties for those that depend on them as fishing grounds.

  • Ozone layer

    The ozone layer is fragment of Earth’s high ambiance which contains a enormous concentration of fuel molecules comprising three oxygen atoms known as ozone. Ozone helps clear out wicked ultraviolet gentle from the Sun, that will enlarge the risk of skin cancer. Within the 1980s and 1990s, industrial gases known as chlorofluorocarbons (or CFCs) had been banned resulting from they damaged the ozone layer. These gases are moreover potent greenhouse gases, contributing to global warming.

  • PPM / ppm

    An abbreviation for ‘substances per million’, used to picture the concentration of a fuel such as carbon dioxide within the ambiance. The Intergovernmental Panel on Native weather Change (IPCC) immediate in 2007 that the field must aloof purpose to stabilise greenhouse fuel levels at 450 ppm CO2 the same in deliver to avert unhealthy local weather switch. Some scientists, and a range of the international locations most at risk of local weather switch, argue that the stable upper limit is 350ppm. Contemporary levels of CO2 broke thru 400ppm (at the Mauna Loa Laboratory in Hawaii) in 2013, and continue to climb at about 2-3ppm per yr.

  • Pre-industrial

    Scientists use a baseline with which to take a look at the novel upward push in temperatures on Earth. The baseline regularly quoted is 1850-1900, and global temperatures have risen by about 1C since then. The actuality, needless to divulge, is that industry in fact obtained going grand earlier, nevertheless there is nevertheless a perceptible uptick within the levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases within the ambiance by 1850-1900 and the duration is deemed which skill truth to be a reliable marker.

  • Renewable energy

    Typically refers to energy sources such as biomass (such as wood and biogas), the drift of water, geothermal (heat from throughout the earth), wind, and photo voltaic.

  • Runaway local weather switch

    Describes how the local weather switch would possibly perchance fair all proper now switch after passing a ‘tipping level’, making it even more difficult to forestall or reverse. In 2018, the IPCC acknowledged that global emissions must aloof be diminished by 45% by 2030, and to salvage zero by 2050 to have 50% chance of limiting temperature rises to 1.5C this century.

  • Sea ice

    Sea-ice is stumbled on in polar areas. It grows in extent and thickness in autumn and wintry weather, and melts in spring and summer. The amount of sea-ice within the Arctic is seen as a key indicator of local weather traits since the situation is warming faster than most other locations on Earth. The smallest ever extent (within the satellite generation) of Arctic sea-ice was once recorded in September 2012. The three.41 million square kilometers was once 44% beneath the 1981-2010 common.

  • Sea stage rises

    Rising sea levels are predicted to be in fact one of essentially the most drastic impacts of local weather switch. On this context, there are two significant causes for sea-stage upward push: (1) the expansion of seawater because the oceans heat; and (2) the bustle-off into the ocean of water from melting ice sheet and glaciers. Latest sea levels are about 20cm greater on common than they had been in 1900. Twelve months on yr, sea levels are at the moment going up by beautiful over 3mm.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability skill ingesting the planet’s resources at a charge at which they would possibly perchance even be replenished. It be once quickly identified as ‘sustainable fashion’. Kinds of renewable energy such as photo voltaic or wind vitality are described as sustainable, whereas the use of wood from managed forests where trees are replanted per how many are minimize down is one other instance.

  • Tipping level

    Describes how the local weather would possibly perchance fair all proper now switch after passing a ‘tipping level’, making it even more difficult to forestall or reverse. Scientists say it is urgent that protection-makers halve global carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 or risk triggering adjustments that will perchance be irreversible.


    Stands for the United Nations Framework Convention on Native weather Change. Right here’s an global treaty, signed at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, which acknowledged that international locations must aloof work to stabilise greenhouse fuel concentrations within the ambiance to retain away from unhealthy local weather switch.

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