Image copyright AFP Image caption The group of migrants arrived in Guatemala from Honduras on Wednesday Mexico says it will not grant transit visas or free passage for hundreds of migrants who have left Honduras in an attempt to reach the US border.The interior ministry said officers would check the status of each migrant and…

Honduran migrants walk with a Honduran national flag heading to Puerto Barrios, in Izabal department, Guatemala

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The team of migrants arrived in Guatemala from Honduras on Wednesday

Mexico says it will now not grant transit visas or free passage for a complete bunch of migrants who score left Honduras in an strive to achieve the US border.

The interior ministry mentioned officers would compare the web philosophize of each and every migrant and supply them the option of remaining in the nation legally.

On Wednesday, Honduran police fired poke gas after folks tried to enter Guatemala without going thru exams.

Many of the migrants say they are fleeing violence and poverty.

They left San Pedro Sula, one of location’s most violent cities some 40km (25 miles) from the Guatemalan border, on Tuesday. Extra folks joined them as they made their race on foot and hitchhiking.

The stream is a lot like other teams of Central Individuals who tried to achieve the US as of late in what has become is known as “caravans”. They attracted the ire of President Donald Trump, who has urged countries on their course to discontinue extra to shut them.

Mexico’s Within Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero mentioned a task power with immigration brokers would support the team and that the nation would welcome the americans drawn to staying there.

“Mexico is now not most productive a transit nation… In no methodology now we score transit visas or stable passage,” she told journalists, estimating that some 600 migrants had left Honduras.

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Guatemalan police score stepped up their exams across the border

Earlier, Guatemala’s original President Alejandro Giammattei mentioned Mexico would “discontinue the entire lot in their powers to shut” the team, after a meeting with the Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard. Mr Ebrard has now not commented.

Mr Giammattei moreover mentioned he would respect a deal between Central American countries that enables Hondurans to enter Guatemala so long as they’ve the important documents.

After entering Guatemala on Wednesday, the migrants slice up into smaller teams, per the Connected Press recordsdata agency. It reported US Immigration and Customs Enforcement brokers score been accompanying Guatemalan officers in their exams.

Final year, the countries in the location is known as the Northern Triangle – Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – signed controversial agreements with the US administration amid President Trump’s efforts to shut folks from trying to achieve the US thru Mexico.

They require migrants to demand safety in the fundamental nation they enter and enable the US to deport those that fail to discontinue so. Up to now, the tackle Guatemala – which agreed to it after being threatened with sanctions by President Trump – is in fact the most productive one that has been keep into win.

A critic of the agreement, Mr Giammattei has now not detailed how he’ll tackle it.

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Media caption“I sent my seven-year-frail across the border on my own,” says one guardian on the US-Mexico border

The Mexican government has already deployed the Nationwide Guard in an strive to stem the stream of migrants travelling north. Other folks that put together to win to the border are compelled to dwell in Mexico whereas they await court hearings on their asylum requests.

Human rights activist Itsmania Platero told AP: “The very fact is, it be going to be inconceivable for the [migrants] to achieve the US. The Mexican police score a astronomical contingent and they are going to spend your entire migrants without documents and they are going to be detained and returned to their dwelling countries.”

The “caravans” attract migrants who can now not pay for a smuggler and affords somewhat elevated security than travelling on my own or in smaller teams. “Here there’s no work, there’s nothing. That’s why we are fleeing to the US,” a individual travelling with his significant other and two adolescents told Honduran television.

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