Nikos Christidis Nikos Christidis: “A highlight in Eliasson’s exhibition at the Tate Modern was the room with the colourful lights, where people’s shadows blend together to create an ever changing artwork. My wife and I joined other visitors on this unusual canvas and gave everyone a wave.” Steve Demeranville Steve Demeranville: “I was intrigued by…

  • Colourful shadows

    Nikos Christidis

    Nikos Christidis: “A highlight in Eliasson’s exhibition on the Tate Stylish turned into the room with the colourful lights, the set americans’s shadows blend together to create an ever changing artwork. My companion and I joined other company on this odd canvas and gave everybody a wave.”

  • Umbrellas

    Steve Demeranville

    Steve Demeranville: “I turned into intrigued by the quantity and employ of the umbrellas as I toured Asia . This association of umbrella colours blending together made for reasonably an ingenious veil.”

  • Mannequins and a man's face

    Jenny Downing

    Jenny Downing: “Doing his easiest to blend in.”

  • Guinevere on a lake

    Hugh Colvin

    Hugh Colvin: “I blended two stories in the historical past of the upper Teme Valley[, Powys]. Chronicle friends Guinevere with Knucklas Castle and there turned into a knowing to flood the Teme valley as a reservoir in the 1930s. I took my describe of the valley, made a replicate image to create the lake and blended that with the Girl of Shallot as imagined by Waterhouse. In Tennyson’s poem, she turned into only allowed to belief fact in a replicate but drop in love with the passing image of Lancelot, Guinevere’s lover. She died of publicity drifting lonely down the river past the castle, the set Lancelot and the court of Camelot had gathered.”

  • Jaguars

    Jane Stevenson

    Jane Stevenson: “These two jaguar brothers are so effectively blended, or not it’s complicated to repeat the set one starts and the other begins. Taken in the Pantanal, Brazil.”

  • Trees and ferns

    Reduce Briggs

    Reduce Briggs: “Strolling by technique of the geothermal park in Rotorua, in Novel Zealand, I turned into surprised to belief how the colors from the mud pools had blended in with the fauna and had enriched the colors even extra.”

  • Pink and green leaf


    Malvika: “Right here’s a image of a leaf, taken at Flower Wooded enviornment (a botanical garden), in Barbados. I learned this leaf odd attributable to its contrasting colours and furthermore how they blended together at some components.”

  • Coot and reflection on water

    Jill Bewley

    Jill Bewley: “Office building reflections in London, blending with the monochrome colouring of this coot.”

  • Cat and dog

    Cathy Loughead

    Cathy Loughead: “Our dog Diesel is such a enormous softie and when we fostered this tiny rescue kitten, they bonded and blended together perfectly.”

  • Dog on a rug

    Sarah Scaife

    Sarah Scaife: “I believed there turned into one thing grievous with my describe once I first saw it but no, or not it’s correct my dog Flynn blending in effectively with the rug.”

  • Hut on Portland Bill

    Douglas Fry

    Douglas Fry: “I have been photographing the weathered huts on Portland Invoice[, Dorset,] for 25 years now, all odd of their inclined paint work but possess a appeal that keeps me coming again. I cherished the capability the pale roof blended with a frigid Can even afternoon sky.”

  • Clouds in Canada

    Lynette Cuming

    Lynette Cuming: “On this very windy prairie day, the clouds the set whipped and blended into these spectacular swirls.”

  • Graffiti in Vienna

    Martin Šimun

    Martin Šimun: “Streets in Vienna present a mess of alternatives on the tremendous blueprint to blend a staunch existence into an spell binding graffiti backdrop.”

  • Shy koala

    John Brookes

    John Brookes: “A nervous koala – saved from the bushfires in Novel South Wales – spectacularly fails to blend in with its silent environment.”

  • Painting

    Gosia Sousa

    Gosia Sousa: “This turned into the first painting created by my three-year-old-customary daughter. I’m aloof amazed how effectively she managed to blend colours together, they creep so effectively with one some other… or is it correct me ‘cos I’m her mum?”

  • Portrait of a woman

    Richard Derwent

    Richard Derwent: “A portrait of my companion blends strikingly with a pattern created on the transparency by one thing that went grievous during processing.”

  • Sky and sea at sunset

    Martin West

    And at final Martin West: “Sky and sea blending together rapidly after sunset on the west flee of Florida.” The following theme is “framed” and the closing date for entries is 21 January 2020. Ship photos to or prepare the link to “Upload your photos right here” beneath. Extra details and terms will also be learned by following the link to “We set of living the theme, to secure the photos,” on the backside of the get page.

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