Image copyright PA Media Image caption Glyn Davis Wood in Warwickshire is threatened by HS2, says the Wildlife Trust HS2 risks dividing and destroying “huge swathes” of “irreplaceable” natural habitats, including 108 ancient woodlands, a report has warned.The Wildlife Trust said the high-speed rail line linking London and northern England could wipe out rare species.The…

Glyn Davis Wood in Warwickshire

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Glyn Davis Wood in Warwickshire is threatened by HS2, says the Natural world Belief

HS2 dangers dividing and destroying “mountainous swathes” of “irreplaceable” pure habitats, including 108 used woodlands, a advise has warned.

The Natural world Belief said the excessive-streak rail line linking London and northerly England would perhaps perhaps presumably wipe out rare species.

The organisation says if the project, which is currently on defend, goes forward a “greener” advance will likely be wished.

HS2 Ltd said its railway will appreciate the environment throughout the creation of a “green corridor” along the route.

The authorities commissioned a overview into HS2 in August and is determined to mediate within the approaching weeks whether to proceed.

The Natural world Belief said its advise – which makes use of files from 14 native trusts plagued by the plans – is the “most entire” overview of the environmental anguish the excessive-streak rail line would perhaps perhaps presumably role off.

It claims HS2 can have a critical impact on loads of of nature reserves, sites of Particular Scientific Ardour and used woodlands.

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Media captionHS2 campaigners enter a fourth month occupying Cubbington Wood

The organisation fears rare species corresponding to the Dingy Skipper Butterfly would perhaps perhaps presumably was extinct in some native habitats.

Barn Owls and the endangered White Clawed Crayfish would perhaps perhaps presumably moreover be impacted by the project, it added.

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The Natural world Belief fears the Dingy Skipper Butterfly would perhaps be wiped out by the project’s style

The Natural world Belief called on the authorities to “terminate and rethink”.

Nikki Williams, the Natural world Trusts’ director of campaigns and policy, said: “HS2 will raze necessary carbon-shooting habitats if it’s allowed to continue in its recent blueprint.

“It will anguish the very ecosystems that present a pure resolution to the native weather emergency.”

She labelled HS2’s proposed measures “amateurish”.

Hilary McGrady, director regular of Nationwide Belief, said HS2 Ltd has “the biggest responsibility to guide by example” and “must no longer terminate up chopping corners on the expense of the environment”.

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A pc generated advise of an HS2 educate

HS2 said it has implemented in depth work to relocate animals, corresponding to the Immense Crested Newt, faraway from sites and into newly-created habitats.

The corporate said the “green corridor” will bring a railway that “respects” the pure environment.

In step with the corporate’s web standing, 3.4 square miles (9 sq km) of unique woodlands – made up of seven million bushes and shrubs – will likely be created along the vital piece of the project between Birmingham and London.

It claims the figure is extra than double the amount plagued by the project.

A extra 1.5 square miles of wildlife habitat will likely be established along the route, HS2 adds.

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