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Air passenger responsibility is a tax on passenger flights from UK airports. It used to be first launched in 1994 and used to be primarily designed to pick out cash, as an alternative of for environmental causes. However it has also been considered by some as having seemingly environmental advantages by discouraging folk from taking move flights.

How noteworthy is it?

How noteworthy air passenger responsibility adds to the effect of your effect depends upon roughly on the distance of the flight and wherein class you flee.

First there are two bands:

  • for flights from the UK to a country whose capital metropolis is lower than 2,000 miles from London
  • for flights from the UK to a country whose capital metropolis is better than 2,000 miles from London

Inner every band, there are three charges primarily based on how noteworthy dilemma your seat takes up, and therefore how many passengers can fit in the airplane.

  • a decreased rate is charged for folk flying in the bottom class on hand on that airplane, with seat dilemma of lower than 40 inches: £13 for shorter flights and £78 for longer flights
  • a favorite rate is charged for any other class where the seat dilemma is better than 40 inches: £26 for shorter flights and £172 for longer flights
  • the next charges applies to planes with fewer than 19 seats: £78 for shorter flights and £515 for longer flights

The tax on longer-haul flights, but now no longer shorter ones, will chase up this April.

Prolonged-haul inform flights from Northern Ireland and all flights from airports in the Scottish Highlands and Islands are exempt from air passenger responsibility. In 2016 the Scottish Parliament gained recent powers to substitute or scrap the tax for flights from all Scottish airports, alternatively it has now no longer yet done so.

How noteworthy does it raise?

Air Passenger Responsibility raised an estimated £3.7bn in the final financial yr.

This cash goes accurate into a favorite pot in the Treasury – it is now no longer ring-fenced to be spent on anything else particularly worship aviation infrastructure or environmental initiatives.

Does it affect folk flee less?

It is a favorite rule that whereas you broaden the effect of one thing, after a move level fewer folk will pick it.

However how noteworthy it is miles a must own to substitute the price of one thing to launch to impress folk’s behaviour varies per the product.

So the inquire of is, will the added effect of air passenger responsibility be ample to position a fundamental need of folk off flying? And the acknowledge, unhelpfully, is a subject of dispute.

In 2015 substitute physique Airways UK, which needs the tax to be scrapped, commissioned analysis from consultancy PWC. It found that the tax suppressed seek data from for flights by 10%.

So per that analysis, the tax does discourage a fundamental crew of folk from flying.

What about the authorities’s beget analysis?

In July 2003, in acknowledge to a inquire of in Parliament, the authorities mentioned that as soon as the tax used to be launched its “main cause used to be to pick out income from the aviation enterprise but with the anticipation that there would be environmental advantages by its design on air traffic volumes”.

However in April 2005, HM Customs diagnosis suggested adjustments in air passenger responsibility charges round that time had now no longer tremendously changed behaviour, concluding that “air chase has proven barely unresponsive to adjustments in effect”.

When bringing in additional adjustments which would decrease fares for some prolonged-haul flights in 2014, it mentioned for every 10% the price of flights elevated, there used to be an estimated 6% low cost in the numbers of folk having a peek for flights.

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