Image copyright Getty Images It would cost £500,000 for Big Ben to strike at the moment of Brexit, according to the prime minister.Boris Johnson said Big Ben’s clapper had been removed during the current restoration project and temporarily replacing it would come at a considerable cost.The idea for the bells to ring out at 23:00…

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It could maybe cost £500,000 for Gigantic Ben to strike within the period in-between of Brexit, according to the prime minister.

Boris Johnson stated Gigantic Ben’s clapper had been removed for the length of the contemporary restoration finishing up and in instant replacing it would attain at a substantial cost.

The postulate for the bells to ring out at 23: 00 GMT on 31 January – the time and date the UK is on yarn of of formally leave the EU (it’ll be nighttime in Brussels) – was first floated by professional-Brexit MPs.

Nonetheless at £500,000, the designate of marking Brexit in this plot will be correct over £45,000 per bong – assuming the bell strikes 11 situations.

Why would it cost so powerful?

The House of Commons Fee, which is guilty for repairs in Parliament, estimates the designate of sounding Gigantic Ben on Brexit day is between £320,000 and £500,000.

Its estimate is made up of two separate costs:

  • Bringing back the bonging mechanism and putting in a instant ground – £120,000
  • The worth of delaying the conservation work – as much as £400,000 (in step with an estimate of £100,000 per week)

The price says the ground within the belfry has been removed and there’ll be a most indispensable cost to position in after which make a selection away a instant ground.

As wisely because the ground, the £120,000 opt also involves the designate of putting in and dismantling the temporary mechanism (an electrical bell hammer) to sound the bell.

Delaying the restoration work already taking location to enable the bongs would also add £100,000 per week to the bill.

As such, the price concludes that the price is no longer justified – even if it says it would acknowledge to any choice MPs invent.

What about Original 365 days’s Eve?

Despite the repair works, Gigantic Ben does peaceable once shortly chime – as currently as Original 365 days’s Eve.

When the restoration work started in 2017, it was agreed that Gigantic Ben can hang to peaceable sound for Remembrance Sunday, Armistice Day and Original 365 days’s Eve.

In accordance to the House of Commons, this plan allowed the finishing up crew to conception its works around the dates wisely in attain.

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Gigantic Ben most currently chimed on Original 365 days’s Eve

Meaning that any ringing beyond these dates would require extra funds to be spent.

In accordance to the Commons, it was made up our minds that the belfry ground work would start on 2 January in portray to no longer intervene with Original 365 days’s Eve.

The reconstruction work on the ground is likely to be most indispensable, sharp resurfacing and waterproofing.

The Commons has ruled out getting this performed by 31 January, which is why a instant ground would can hang to be installed after which removed.

Gigantic Ben fundamentals

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  • The Substantial Bell kinds segment of the Substantial Clock within the Elizabeth Tower – typically is named Gigantic Ben
  • It weighs 13.7 tonnes and the Elizabeth Tower stands 96m (315toes) immense
  • Every hour it strikes an E portray, and each 15 minutes four “quarter bells” chime
  • To cease the chimes, the putting hammers will likely be locked till 2021

What repair works are being performed?

Gigantic Ben’s chimes were silenced on 21 August 2017 to permit most indispensable restoration work, lasting four years, to be conducted on the tower.

Parliamentary authorities stated stopping the chimes would provide protection to personnel accomplishing the repairs.

Since then Gigantic Ben has once shortly bonged for most indispensable events alongside with Original 365 days’s Eve and Remembrance Sunday.

The overall cost of the restoration finishing as much as the tower is estimated at £61m.

In accordance to Parliament, the final time most indispensable work was conducted was in 1983-85 – that finishing up enthusiastic cleansing and repair of the stone, painting and repairs to the roof.

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