Image caption The attack happened at HMP Bristol on Friday afternoon Five prison officers have been injured in an attack by an inmate. The attack happened at HMP Bristol on Friday at 14:00 GMT and all five officers “received hospital treatment”, a Prison Service spokeswoman said. Sarah Rigby, from the Prison Officers Association (POA), said…

HMP Bristol

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The attack came about at HMP Bristol on Friday afternoon

5 penal complex officers include been injured in an attack by an inmate.

The attack came about at HMP Bristol on Friday at 14: 00 GMT and all 5 officers “obtained scientific institution medication”, a Jail Provider spokeswoman talked about.

Sarah Rigby, from the Jail Officers Association (POA), talked about the prisoner had been transferred from a excessive-safety penal complex.

The Jail Provider talked about it became investing in workers safety by issuing bodycams and pepper spray.

Ms Rigby talked about the inmate “can include to by no design include been moved out of the excessive-safety institution”.

‘Terrible hostile atmosphere’

She talked about those injured had left scientific institution and had been recuperating at home and added: “Crew at HMP Bristol include no longer but been issued with PAVA [pepper spray] and rigid bar handcuffs and it is imaginable that the PAVA particularly can include obedient workers higher all the design by strategy of this incident.

“The POA all any other time needs to reiterate that the employer must project this protective equipment on the earliest different to provide higher protections for the workers conducting their responsibilities in a unhealthy, hostile atmosphere.”

An Avon and Somerset Police spokeswoman talked about they had been investigating an assault.

She talked about the penal complex officers had been “taken to scientific institution for medication to injuries which will seemingly be no longer believed to be life-threatening” and added: “A suspect became detained by penal complex workers and is due to be wondered by police officers.”

HMP Bristol has about 520 adult male prisoners and a restricted selection of young offenders, both convicted and on remand from local courts.

It is a category B penal complex the attach he majority of prisoners conclude for fewer than 12 months.

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