Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionMacron on Nato: “We don’t have the same definition of terrorism” US President Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron have set out opposing views ahead of a Nato summit.In an occasionally tense press conference, the two politicians sparred over Nato’s role, Turkey, and Islamic State group…

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Media captionMacron on Nato: “We blueprint not have the same definition of terrorism”

US President Donald Trump and French chief Emmanuel Macron have location out opposing views forward of a Nato summit.

In an each and each so continuously nerve-racking press conference, the two politicians sparred over Nato’s characteristic, Turkey, and Islamic Pronounce team (IS) warring parties.

Mr Trump had described Mr Macron’s feedback about Nato as “defective”, however Mr Macron acknowledged he stood by his words.

World leaders are in London to mark the Western protection power alliance’s 70th anniversary.

The summit has already been marked by strained relatives between Turkey and varied member states.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has acknowledged he’ll oppose Nato’s opinion for the defence of the Baltic attach if it would not support Turkey over its battle against Kurdish teams it considers terrorists.

On Tuesday evening, Mr Macron and Mr Erdogan met in Downing Boulevard in a four-methodology meeting that also incorporated German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the host, UK Top Minister Boris Johnson.

Why is there a row over Nato?

Ties between Mr Trump and Mr Macron were already strained amid a swap dispute, and after the French president described Nato as “brain ineffective” closing month on story of, he acknowledged, the US commitment to the alliance used to be fading.

Mr Trump hit support on Tuesday by announcing the French chief had been “very disrespectful”, along with that France had “a extremely high unemployment price” and “no one desires Nato bigger than France”.

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Media captionDonald Trump: Macron feedback “defective, insulting, and disrespectful”

At a joint press conference with Mr Macron later, Mr Trump used to be much less combative, stressing that the two countries had “executed loads of upright issues together”. Mr Macron, meanwhile, acknowledged he stood by his feedback.

The two sides then clashed over foreign IS warring parties who were captured in Syria.

Mr Trump jokingly supplied them to France, announcing: “Would you devour some fine [IS] warring parties? You may well perhaps be ready to receive all americans you devour to have.”

Sounding stern, Mr Macron acknowledged “Let’s be indispensable” and that IS warring parties from Europe were “a minute minority”, and that the “amount one precedence” used to be to connect away with the terrorist team.

Mr Trump then retorted: “Due to the this he’s a immense flesh presser on story of that used to be one among the easier non-answers I in actuality have ever heard, and that is OK”.

Mr Trump also criticised Nato countries who were paying much less than the Nato pointers of on the least 2% of GDP in direction of the alliance.

He acknowledged he did not prefer countries to be “delinquent” and pay much less than their share, along with: “Maybe I will care for them from a swap standpoint.”

Mr Macron acknowledged France – which at remark spends 1.84% of its GDP on defence – would reach the minimum, and acknowledged that the US had “overinvested” in Nato for several decades.

Nonetheless, he added that there were varied pressing disorders to discuss.

“Once I glance at Turkey, they now are combating against folks that fought with us shoulder to shoulder against [IS]… if we moral have discussions about what we pay and we blueprint not have certain discussions about such a danger, we’re not indispensable.”

The two leaders also talked about Turkey’s decision to take care of shut a Russian S-400 missile scheme.

Mr Trump acknowledged they were “having a glance at” whether or to not impose sanctions, while Mr Macron asked: “How is it imaginable to be a member of the alliance… and take care of shut issues from Russia?”

Why is Turkey a danger?

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were key allies of the US-led coalition against IS in Syria. Nonetheless, Turkey views a piece of the team – the YPG – as terrorists.

Earlier than his departure for London, Mr Erdogan acknowledged Turkey would not approve a opinion to protect Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia within the occasion of a Russian attack unless Nato recognised the Kurdish YPG militia as terrorists.

“If our buddies at Nato blueprint not recognise as terrorist organisations these we imagine terrorist organisations… we are able to stand against any step that will doubtless be taken there,” he acknowledged about the opinion.

Nonetheless, Mr Macron immediate newshounds: “We blueprint not have the same definition of terrorism round the [Nato] desk”.

In October, Turkey launched an operation in Kurdish-managed areas of northern Syria to invent a “security zone” along its border.

That protection power action deepened fractures between Turkey and varied Nato contributors, and took role after President Trump had controversially pulled US forces out of the attach.

What’s Nato?

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Media captionNato explained in 80 seconds
  • The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is the sector’s most extremely efficient defence alliance
  • It used to be location up in 1949, after World War Two, amid effort over Soviet expansion
  • It used to be founded on the opinion of collective defence between allies
  • Originally had 12 contributors, however now has 29

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