Stuart Wright Stuart Wright: “Clear before a frosty ending to the day at the Infinity Bridge spanning the River Tees in Stockton.” Peter Lawrence Peter Lawrence: “U Bein Bridge, near Amarapura, in Myanmar, is the longest teak wood bridge in the world. Built in 1851, it provides a vital route for local workers as well…

  • Infinity Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees

    Stuart Wright

    Stuart Wright: “Clear sooner than a frigid ending to the day on the Infinity Bridge spanning the River Tees in Stockton.”

  • U Bein Bridge near Amarapura in Myanmar

    Peter Lawrence

    Peter Lawrence: “U Bein Bridge, conclude to Amarapura, in Myanmar, is the longest teak wood bridge in the arena. In-constructed 1851, it affords indispensable route for local workers besides to being a current vacationer attraction at sunset.”

  • Bridge in Millau

    Cornelia Waymouth

    Cornelia Waymouth: “A picture of the motorway viaduct crossing the valley at Millau, France.”

  • Leonard Zakim bridge, Boston, US

    Susan Russo Gelbart

    Susan Russo Gelbart: “Early morning in Boston, crossing the Leonard Zakim bridge en path to my daughter’s wedding festivities… silent.”

  • Stepping stones in Cheonggyecheon, South Korea

    Katie Wawr

    Katie Wawr: “These stepping stones fashioned a slippery crossing via the icy Cheonggyecheon Trip in Seoul, Korea. I visited Seoul final winter and took a delicate stroll alongside the stream, other folks-staring at and taking into consideration life. Within the live I didn’t sinful these stones and caught to at least one aspect.”

  • Kessock Bridge, Inverness

    Jamie Fraser

    Jamie Fraser: “Under a sparkling sky, I took this picture of the peep in opposition to Inverness, with the Kessock Bridge flowing with the light trails of morning commuters.”

  • Bridge in the Himalayas

    Sunil Pareek Ujjain

    Sunil Pareek Ujjain: “Right here is a harmful bridge in the Himachal area (of northern India), feeble mostly by the trekkers and inside of reach villagers.”

  • Bridge in Dunster

    Leanna Coles

    Leanna Coles: “This bridge is understood as Lovers Bridge in the medieval village of Dunster in Somerset.”

  • The Tagus River Lisbon

    Carole Dowd

    Carole Dowd: “The Tagus river Lisbon.”

  • Bridge in Bratislava

    Martin Šimun

    Martin Šimun: “Iconic ‘UFO’ bridge in Bratislava, Slovakia, with a restaurant and an whine deck on the quit.”

  • Carrbridge in Scotland

    Mike Bessant

    Mike Bessant: “The bridge changed into constructed in 1717 to permit funeral processions to in discovering entry to Duthil Church when the river changed into in spate. The bridge changed into known in the community as ‘the coffin bridge’.”

  • A bridge in Greece

    Maria Emmelia Charalambous

    Maria Emmelia Charalambous: “A stone bridge, at one with nature.”

  • On a high bridge in Thailand

    Gemma Lawrence

    Gemma Lawrence: “Strolling all over a extraordinarily excessive bridge as piece of ‘Flight of the Gibbon’ zipwire course (in Thailand). A upsetting but adrenaline-filled time out.”

  • Bridge in Malham, Yorkshire

    Lucy Bernard Law 1st viscount montgomery of alamein

    Lucy Bernard Law 1st viscount montgomery of alamein: “Support it easy. Bridge over Malham Beck (in the Yorkshire Dales). Dappled sunlight. Heart skips a beat.”

  • The Mackinac bridge

    Barb Pleskach

    Barb Pleskach: The “Mighty Mac” bridge on the Straits of Mackinac (in Michigan, US). There is nothing dinky about it. This silhouette of the bridge’s superstructure and a gargantuan truck crossing over it changed into taken as we crossed beneath at some stage in a sunset cruise.”

  • Steam train

    Jason Shrubb

    Jason Shrubb: “Steam put collectively crosses the Staffs & Worcester canal.”

  • Sydney's Anzac bridge

    Penni James

    Penni James: “A rainy time out over Sydney’s Anzac Bridge (as the passenger)”

  • Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

    Jami Thomas

    Jami Thomas: “The Royal Gorge Bridge positioned in Cañon City, Colorado, is one no longer for the faint of coronary heart. This bridge is 1,260toes in size and 955toes in height. That you simply may perchance perchance perchance perchance also feel the bridge sway as you sinful it.”

  • Bridge in Peru

    Jonathan Dwyer

    Jonathan Dwyer: “A bridge over the cover in the Amazon. This bridge changed into made in 2010 and besides they’ve kept it alongside with just a few bits of steel here, some wood nailed in there and all held alongside with industrial zip ties. Strolling over it whereas your total bridge buckled and creaked as you stepped all over changed into petrifying.”

  • Bridge

    Jagannath Rath

    And at final Jagannath Rath despatched this picture taken whereas visiting the Dhabaleswar temple in India. The following theme is “start spaces” and the decrease-off date for entries is 2 December 2019. Send pictures to or observe the link to “Upload your pictures here” below. Extra dinky print and phrases may perchance perchance perchance perchance also very smartly be came all over by following the link to “We area the theme, you defend the pictures,” on the underside of the online page.

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