Take 5: ‘The elderly, pregnant women, kids had to stand for 9 min sometimes’

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Baligar, ex-bureaucrat, writer

In 2004, Karnataka adopted Kuvempu’s Jaya Bharata Jananiya Tanujate as the state anthem. But there have been calls for shortening of the 44-stanza anthem.

1 Why has the Sahitya Parishat recommended shortening of the state song?

We have received requests from thousands of people for standardisation and shortening of the state song. Elderly people, pregnant women and children were having to stand for up to nine minutes during some renditions. We consulted writers, academics, singers. Everyone felt the state song must be standardised and shortened.

2 Does the shortening involve removal of any verse?

No verse in the song has been removed. Only those parts which are repetitive have been left out.


3 Will the song now be different from the original one?

All the stanzas from the original song have been kept. We have ensured there is no gap when it is sung or played. The tune of the song will remain the same.

4 How long is the standardised song?

We got singers to demonstrate the approved version. It is now around 2 minutes and 10 seconds.

5 Will the shortened version now be sung at public events?

We have recommended the shortened version of the song. We had a meeting with over 25 writers and academics. They passed a resolution authorising the Kannada Sahitya Parishat to send a recommendation to the government urging it to issue an official notification for the shorter version of the song. It is now the prerogative of the state government to accept the recommendation and implement the version.


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