Reports on women’s safety focus on negative: Speaker at IIMC Delhi convocation

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Citing the example of reports on women’s safety in the country, Mahajan said these focus only on the negative. (File photo)

LOK SABHA Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said on Friday that while the “media draws enormous power, it also has the responsibility of shaping a good society”. She was addressing the 51st convocation of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) here.

Citing the example of reports on women’s safety in the country, she said these focus only on the negative. “Don’t women travel on roads… then people say women are not safe in India. When I go abroad, people ask me ‘what’s happening in India, madam. Your country is not safe now’,” she said.

“I tell them that for the last 75 years I am in India, nothing has happened to me, my daughter or daughter-in-law. There’s nothing like that. It happens in your country also… in every country,” she said.

“Yes, people commit crimes. But, is it that only crimes are happening and nothing else? Politically, is only abusive language being used or something significant is also being spoken about,” Mahajan asked.


She said people usually say that the level of discourse in Parliament has plummeted but this is because the media often ignores significant issues. “Discussions do take place, but many a time newspapers don’t even carry the good things being spoken about in Parliament,” she said.

A total of 333 students graduated from the main campus in Delhi and its campuses in Dhenkanal, Aizawl, Kottayam, Amravati and Jammu.


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