HDFC vice-president’s murder: 254-page chargesheet filed against cab driver

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HDFC vice-president Siddharth Sanghvi. (Source: FIle Photo)

THREE MONTHS after HDFC vice-president Siddharth Sanghvi was murdered in the parking lot of Kamala Mills, the Mumbai Police on Friday filed a 254-page chargesheet before the Bhoiwada court against Sarfaraz Shaikh, a cab driver and a fabricator by profession.

Sanghvi and his car were found missing from the parking lot of Kamala Mills — where the HDFC bank is located — on September 5. While his body was found five days later in Kalyan, the car was recovered near Koperkhairane in Navi Mumbai.

Shaikh, who was arrested for the murder on September 10, has been accused of robbing, kidnapping and murdering Sanghvi and dumping his body in a hilly area near the Haji Malang shrine in Kalyan. He allegedly killed Sanghvi as he needed money to repay a loan that he had taken to buy a motorcycle.


A senior police officer said that while the chargesheet gave a detailed account of the accused’s plan to attack individuals with the sole intention of robbery, it also stated that Shaikh murdered Sanghvi when the bank official resisted his robbery attempt at the parking lot.

The chargesheet included the statements of more than 20 witnesses and the call detail records (CDR) of both the accused and the deceased. The police have claimed that these CDRs have helped them prove the presence of Shaikh and Sanghvi at the parking lot at the time of the incident.

The chargesheet has also alleged that Sanghvi was not Shaikh’s only victim. The police have attached the statement of a businessman, who was allegedly attacked by Shaikh two days before Sanghvi’s murder. The businessman had approached the N M Joshi police after reading about Sanghvi’s death in the newspapers.

“Two days before attacking Sanghvi, Shaikh attacked a businessman in a similar manner. We have recorded his statement. This helped us ascertain that Shaikh used to carry an iron rod to attack his victims. The businessman was lucky as his father arrived at the crime scene,” said the officer.

The police said they have attached the panchanama copies of the body and the car that were recovered from Kalyan and Navi Mumbai, respectively, along with the chargesheet.

“Following his arrest, Shaikh had guided us to Kalyan, where he had dumped Sanghvi’s body. So, we have attached the panchnama with the chargesheet. The forensic report, which has stated that the blood stains found in Sanghvi’s Maruti Ignis and Shaikh’s clothes have matched, has also been included,” said the officer.

“We have attached the statements of the workers employed in the parking lot at Kamala Mills… they have said that they had seen Shaikh loitering around for more than a week,” said the officer.

The police have also recorded the statement of Shaikh’s friend, from whom he had taken a loan of Rs 80,000 to buy a motorcycle. “As Shaikh had managed to pay only a part of the loan, his friend had threatened to take the bike away… Shaikh was desperate to keep his bike and therefore, planned to commit robbery,” the offer said.

Further, the statements of two bank accounts have been attached to the chargesheet to prove that Shaikh ran out of funds while paying for the bike. Shaikh will be produced in Bhoiwada court on December 12.


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