Delhi: In low-performing schools, a fresh bid to ‘boost morale’

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Delhi: In low-performing schools, a fresh bid to ‘boost morale’

The inspection process will be completed by December 10. (Source: File Photo)

As part of an inspection of “low-performing” government schools in the capital ahead of the mid-term and pre-board examinations, officials have been tasked with counselling and motivating students and teachers. As a part of the process, counsellors in-charge of various districts have been made part of ‘inspection teams’. However, hiccups remain as many say there is little clarity on their role.

A Directorate of Education circular dated November 27 stated that 27 schools, which had recorded pass percentages between zero to five in the Class XII mid-term examinations in September, have been shortlisted for inspection to “assess the progress and efforts” made by heads of schools. The inspection process will be completed by December 10.

Apart from the district and zonal deputy director of educations (DDE), and principals/vice-principals from other shifts, the inspection teams will comprise the nodal educational and vocational guidance counsellor (EVCG) officer of the district concerned, who will also be the counsellor in-charge of the district.

As per the circular, inspection teams have been mandated to check attendance of students and staff, availability of subject teachers, completion of syllabus, distribution of teaching material and notebooks, and implementation of time table. However, the role of counsellors vary.


“Counsellors will identify and guide students and teachers who might need special help, will see if there’s any specific problem troubling them, and boost their morale. They will chalk out their own plan to deal with the situation,” said Director of Education Sanjay Goel.

The counsellor in-charge of one district stated she has prepared a plan for the same: “My counselling team will conduct a group intelligence test of students to identify those who are not performing well, and those who can do better. They will guide teachers on ways to help them perform better. Motivational talks with students about their studies, families, and other things will be conducted to boost self-esteem. I will speak to every teacher handling these classes and seek a report every week.”

On the other hand, the counsellor in-charge of another district stated that she was not included in the process. “I hold joint charge of two districts, but the DDE’s offices have not reached out to me and I have not been given any mandate on this matter,” she said.

A former official in the EVGC branch said that the lack of a clear mandate is an issue.

“The posts of counsellors in-charge were only filled last year and they have no precedent. Many of them are holding joint charge of more than one district. Given that these inspections are happening late in the day, some kind of mechanism must be put in place while dealing with students,” the official said.


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