Misconduct with public won’t go unpunished: Goa DGP

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Goa DGP Muktesh Chander

Amid allegations of police excesses, Goa DGP Muktesh Chander on Friday said policemen who exhibit bad temper will be sent for counselling. This comes in the wake of two incidents in which policemen allegedly assaulted civilians in public spaces.

With Goans raising the issue of police excesses on the social media, senior police officers have been asked to report to the headquarters about personnel with “high temper” and those who are known to “misuse power”.

“There are various institutions, courts, Human Rights Commission, vigilant media and public. So any misconduct or misbehaviour with the public will not go unpunished. I have instructed DIGs and other police officers to go to people and talk to them, find out the problem,” Chander said at a meeting at the police mess in Altinho.

Stating that the image of Goa Police was at stake, he said “heavy action” will be taken against those who don’t abide by the rule book.

“The recent two cases have damaged the reputation of police force. It is a matter of serious concern. One bad incident has the potential to spoil good work done during the entire year. You do a hundred good works, they are forgotten, and you do one bad work, people remember that,” Chander said, adding, “First consequence will be registration of FIR against such police personnel, then internal inquiry. The second would be immediate suspension and departmental inquiry.”


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