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Why girls pay more than boys to be paying guests

Written by PaperDabba

Girls cough up more than boys for paying guest (PG) accommodation, particularly in Delhi-NCR.

Every year, many young adults come to the national capital either for higher studies or to look for job opportunities. Their biggest challenge is to find a place to live.

Most first-timers opt for PG accommodation because room rentals can be steep. But strikingly, there is a gender disparity in the amounts they pay. In Delhi-NCR, girls often have to pay more than boys.

20% difference in rents

There is a difference of at least 20 per cent in the rent for PG accommodation for girls and for boys, even within the same locality. At times, the difference can be as much as 50 per cent.

According to market analysts, single-occupancy rooms for girls start at ₹12,000; for boys, they are available for ₹9,500.

“Typically, girls do not share rooms, but that’s not an issue with boys. Also, girls prefer to live in a better locality, which also pushes up the rent,” said Ritu Wadhwa, owner of a PG in Noida.

Landlords have to incur more expenses on security in PG facilities for girls; that could be another reason for the higher rentals, she added.

“Generally, PG accommodation facilities for boys don’t always find takers because in many cases, they opt for a flat. Given the lower demand, the prices are low,” pointed out Utkersh Kumar, a broker.

Sunil Yadav, another broker, said that, typically, girls prefer fewer room-mates, so owners reduce the number of beds and increase the rent. Also, girls prefer accommodation closer to their educational institutes, which are a bit more expensive, given the location.

Recently, organised players such as CoHo have entered the affordable housing segment for students. “There is a need for a level playing field: in the organised sector, the offerings are the same, so students — girls or boys — pay the same amount,” said John Jacob, Associate Vice-President, CoHo.


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