Bigg Boss 12 Nov 9 Live Updates: The captaincy fight begins

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Bigg Boss 12 Nov 9 Live Updates: The captaincy fight begins

As part of the Diwali surprise, few lucky contestants of the Bigg Boss 12 show got an opportunity to get the video message of their family members and relatives in the yesterday episode. Among all the contestants, Surbhi, Somi, Deepak and Jasleen were selected to see the video messages of their family members. Romil made a big sacrifice for Somi in yesterday’s episode, and allowed her to see video message of her family. Romil’s gained much appreciations for his sacrifice from the housemates. After the emotional moment in the house, Bigg Boss 12 contestants are all set for the captaincy task tonight. To get all the latest episodes of Bigg Boss 12 watch the space below.

Bigg Boss 12 November 9 Live Updates: 

9:31 pm: Housemates blame Dipika of supporting Karanvir in the captaincy task. Sreesanth and Dipika discuss the captaincy task.  

9:25 pm: The second round of captaincy task begins. Dipika disqualifies Megha from the captaincy task. The third round of the captaincy task begins between Karanvir and Romil. Romil gets eliminated from the task. Karanvir wins the captaincy task. 

9:22 pm: Dipika announces Somi’s name for elimination from the captaincy task. Somi and Surbhi argue with Dipika for her wrong decision.

9:16 pm: Deepak and Romil discuss the game strategies with each other. Deepak then discusses the captaincy task strategies with Sreesanth. Romil, Somi, Karanvir, and Megha start the captaincy task. Megha gets eliminated from the task. Dipika gets confused and asks Bigg Boss for his advice. The first round of captaincy task is over. Bigg Boss asks Dipika for her decision. 

9:12 pm: Sreesanth shares his initial struggling stories with Megha, Rohit, and Shivashish. Dipika announces new captaincy task to housemates. Dipika will be the coordinator of the task. 

9:07 pm: Bigg Boss 12 contestants wake up to the song Do Dhari Talvar song. Sreesanth and Deepak discuss the nomination task. Surbhi talks about Deepak and Sreesanth’s bonding. Surbhi says Romil and Deepak love Sreesanth. Sreesanth talks to Megha and says he will not support Dipika as she always favours Karanvir. 

8:33 pm: 

8:30 pm:


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