Viral Video: Burning car speeds away on Gurugram flyover

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Viral Video: Burning car speeds away on Gurugram flyover

A video of a burning car speeding away on a flyover in Haryana’s Gurugram has gone viral. The video shows a Honda City moving at a fast speed despite bursting into the flames. 

The incident recorded in the viral video took place at Gurugram’s Rajiv Chowk flyover on Wednesday, when car’s owner Rakesh was out to distribute Diwali gifts to friends and family. 

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“I heard a weird sound in the car as soon as I started ascending the flyover, when I checked the source of the sound the car burst out in flames,” Rakesh said, adding that he jumped out of the car after he failed to apply the breaks. Although, Rakesh escaped unhurt, his 2015 model Honda City soon turned into a ball of fire, still speeding away on the busy road. 

As Rakesh tried and failed to stop the vehicle, it hit an auto rickshaw on the road and started dragging the three-wheeler along with it. The bystanders somehow pushed the rickshaw out of the way and tried to stop the burning car by putting bricks on its path, but they failed too. Ultimately, the car stopped when it hit he divider. 

The firebrigade later doused the flames, but the car had been reduced to a carcass by then. 

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