TAPMI conducts market research fair in Manipal

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BrandScan, the market research fair conducted by the students of Manipal-based TA Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), carries the legacy of being the most effective disguised market research in India, according to Madhu Veeraraghavan, Director, TAPMI.

Speaking at the inauguration of the market research fair in Manipal, he said BrandScan serves as a great platform for both classroom learning and direct connect with the industry.

The idea of BrandScan is to obtain unbiased and natural responses of customers through innovative data collection methods. BrandScan is fully committed to endless innovation and is set to make an impact globally, he said.

BrandScan elicits natural consumer responses towards the products or services being analysed with the help of disguised games. Students take up live projects from major companies, and collect data through these games, analyse, interpret and provide insights to companies based on their research.

Shirshendu Ganguli, faculty convener of BrandScan, said the fair got bigger and better with time with a number of new initiatives. Stating that it is an event of the students, for the students and by the students, he said it maintains corporate level quality in each project.

Devarshy Ganguly, Vice-President (Marketing), Dr Oetkar, and alumnus of TAPMI, inaugurated the event. The second leg of BrandScan will be conducted in Bengaluru on November 17 and 18.


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