Congress blames BJP, AAP for Delhi pollution

Written by PaperDabba

The Congress blamed the “shadow boxing” between BJP-ruled Centre and the AAP-ruled State as the reason for health hazards due to air pollution in the Capital city. The party said that “impenetrable haze and intolerable smell of burning” have cast a dark cloud on the festivities in northern India, particularly in Delhi.

Party spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP Abhishek Manu Singhvi said shadowboxing between the Narendra Modi government and AAP govt in Delhi, and their combined lack of political will to fight the smog is “squarely responsible” for the health hazard. “Modi, who creates much hype and hoopla over ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’— is silent on the fact that Varanasi, his constituency along with Delhi, Agra, Lucknow and Kanpur are now amongst the most polluted cities in the world,” Singhvi claimed.

He said there is a virtual atmospheric emergency in Delhi. “The BJP and AAP are only interested in scoring political points and one-upmanship,” he said, and added, “We saw the sheer blame game on pollution last year. We have been witnessing how both parties indulge in hollow rhetoric without action against air pollution.” He said, “It is because of this misgovernance that people of Delhi are suffering. Delhi which was rated as the greenest capital in 2013 is now the most polluted mega city.”

“AAP is blaming Punjab’s stubble burning, but the fact is that stubble burning has now come down by 72 per cent this year;instead, BJP-ruled Haryana and AAP-ruled Delhi is seeing much more,” he claimed.


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