Women in Mandsaur veil themselves before Ravan's statue

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 Women in Mandsaur veil themselves before Ravan’s effigy as regard

Ravan is considered the epitome of evil in Indian mythology. His effigies are also burnt across the country every year during Dussehra.

But in  Mandsaur, a small town  in Madhya Pradesh,  he is worshipped as a beloved son-in-law and a learned man. 

People belonging to Namdeo Vaishnav Samaj in Mandsaur town, worship Ravan on Dussehra and believe that his wife Mandodari hailed from the town. 

Locals therefore regard the demon as their son-in-law.

A 41 feet, statue of Ravan was installed in the town in 2005. 

The idol is worshipped every year during Dussehra and women in the area veil themselves since they regard Ravan as their son-in-law while men make offerings before him.

Not only on the eve of Dussehra but Ravan is worshipped through out the year.


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