Vikas Bahl’s wife slams Kangana Ranaut for misusing #MeToo; ‘Hypocrite Kangana’ trends on Twitter

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Vikas Bahl’s wife slams Kangana Ranaut for misusing #MeToo; ‘Hypocrite Kangana’ trends on Twitter

Kangana Ranaut has always spoken her mind and so she offered her two cents on the ongoing #MeToo movement and the allegations she made against Queen director Vikas Bahl. In an interview, she revealed how Bahl used to allegedly dig his face in her neck and smell her. She even accused that the filmmaker bragged about sleeping with other women even though being married. Not only this, she even went a step ahead to call Hrithik Roshan a harasser who keeps young girls as his mistress despite having a wife at home. All this didn’t go down well with Hrithik Roshan’s fans on Twitter. Also, Vikas Bahl’s ex-wife Richa Dubey slammed Kangana left, right and centre in an elaborate statement she shared on Twitter.

In her statement she wrote, “Messages between You (Kangana) and Vikas were friendly till now, with this media opportunity, everything changed?”

“Who are you to call someone ‘trophy wives’, they are hardworking career women. Stop using Vikas’ name for your own vendetta. The world can see through. Please in the god’s name, stop now,” she added.

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“Even though I’m his ex-wife, I cannot bear to watch this ugly drama in the name of #MeToo. Give this man a chance to prove himself. Let the truth come out before calling him disgraced and what not, “ she concluded.

After sharing her statement, Richa Dubey went off twitter.

Soon after Richa’s fierce statement on Kangana Ranaut, Twitter was pouring in with tweets bearing the hashtag #HypocriteKangana. Let’s see what people has to say about it.


Twitter users are suggesting that Kangana Ranaut is taking the mileage of #MeToo movement to promote her film Manikarnika. Also, they suggest that she has used Vikas Bahl’s name to target Super 30 which is clashing with Manikarnika on January 25. Also, Super 30 stars Hrithik Roshan who is well-known to having shared a bitter past with her.


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