Maharashtra: 17 districts reeling under severe water shortage, groundwater level dips to alarming low

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People in Latur are struggling to get even a bucket of drinking water. (India TV)

The monsoon season has just passed but it has failed to end water woes of people in some of the areas of Maharashtra. At least 17 districts are facing severe water scarcity. Farmers in Nagpur and Vidarbha regions are worried about their crops. 

The region received scanty rainfall this year during the monsoon season due to which the ground water level has now started to recede. People in Vidarbha’s Amravati and Nagpur are even facing scarcity of drinking water. Most of the wells have dried up  in the area.

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The worst affected is Latur in Marathwada region. Manjara dam, considered to be region’s lifeline, has only one per cent water left and civic authorities have already started rationing water supply. People are forced to wait in long queues for hours to a bucket  of water. 

The eight districts of Marathwada have recorded an average have recorded an average 32% rainfall deficit this monsoon season, reports said.

Vidarbha region is known for cotton farming, however, less rainfall has affected the crop. Apart from this, soyabean and orange farming have also been hit. Farmers in Nagpur, Bhandara, Gondia, Buldhana, Akola and other neighbouring areas have urged the goverment to take urgent steps to save the standing crops. 

The  authorities have now approached neighbouring Madhya Pradesh seeking water supply for the parched region.


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