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Alexander Zverev blames ‘superstition’ for ridiculous use of towels

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By: Sports Desk | Published: October 12, 2018 8:15:08 pm

Alexander Zverev said that the usage of towels is down to superstition than utility many a time. (Reuters)

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German star Alexander Zverev weighed in on the towel debate that has been raging in the sport of tennis after Fernando Verdasco berated a ball boy for not bringing a towel quickly enough. Zverev said that it is “ridiculous” that players go for towels after every point. “There are some players — some American players, some other players — that go for the towel literally after every single point. That’s a bit ridiculous, in my perspective,” said Zverev.


Verdasco’s actions led to questions being raised over whether ball boys and ball girls should be charged with handling the sweaty towels that players use. “You serve an ace or a double fault, or your opponent serves an ace, and the poor ball kid has to keep running for the towel just because it’s a superstition and it’s not a use because you’re sweating too much or something like that. I mean, some players literally use it as superstition. That’s not the purpose for it,” said Zverev.

Earlier Roger Federer had said that players should treat ball boys and ball girls with respect. “The ball kids are really important to us because they are also maybe the future of our game,” said Federer, “I was happy when I left a tennis tournament, I felt like: ‘Oh man, it was just all good.’ There were no negatives, so you don’t want to have them leave feeling like, oh my god, like I was not appreciated or I was not liked or it was actually a horrible thing, you know? So yes, it needs to be taken care of.”

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