Cyclone Titli becomes 'very severe': Do's and don'ts during storm

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Cyclone Titli becomes ‘very severe’: Do’s and don’ts during storm

Cyclone Titli on Wednesday intensified into a very severe cyclonic storm. the cyclone is expected to make landfall at coast regions of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh at 05:30 am on Thursday. The state government have started evacuation of coastal areas to ensure ‘zero casualty’ in the storm. Indian Coast Guard has deployed several rescue ships to ensure fishermen return safely. 

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Meanwhile, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has issued a list of do’s and don’ts for before, during and after a cyclonic storm. Have a look: 

Before the cyclone

Ignore rumours. Stay calm.

Get weather updates on the radio, on TV, and in newspapers.
Keep mobile phones charged to ensure connectivity. Use SMS.
Prepare an emergency kit with essential items.
Keep documents and valuables in waterproof containers.
Secure your house. Carry out repairs. Don’t leave sharp objects loose.
If you have cattle or other animals, untie them to ensure their safety.

For fishermen

Don’t venture out in the sea.
Keep boats or rafts tied up in a safe place.
Keep a radio set with extra batteries handy.
During and after the cyclone

If you’re indoors

Switch off electrical mains, gas supply.
Keep doors and windows shut.
If your house is unsafe, leave early before the onset of the cyclone.
Listen to the radio/transistor.
Drink boiled/chlorinated water.
Rely only on official warnings.

If you’re outdoors

Don’t enter damaged buildings.
Watch out for broken electric poles and other sharp objects.
Seek a safe shelter as soon as possible.


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