Jaipur election department detects over 1 lakh fake voters in electoral list

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Jaipur identifies duplicate voters 

After the Congress had demanded the Election Commission to conduct a probe into duplicate voters, the district collector Siddharth Mahajan on Saturday confirmed a total of 1,05,299 duplicate/fake voters appeared in Jaipur’s electoral rolls and all these have been deleted.

According to sources, the state election department detected the duplicate names with the help of a software.

Similar looking faces and names are recognised by the software once it is installed.

It had identified 20 such people in a group which was highlighted in the Congress list. The names were thereafter removed from the electoral list, souces said.

Official sources confirmed the process of identifying duplicate voters will continue till September 20. The exact figure however, will only be known after the completion of the process.

The duplicate/fake voter figure is 24,197 in Ajmer, 24,053 in Alwar, 32,886 in Banswara, 13,211 in Bara and 128 in Barmer. These names have also been deleted, said sources.

As the assembly polls in the state are due later this year, Chief Election Commissioner Om Prakash Rawat and Election Commissioners Sunil Arora and Ashok Lawasa will be on a two-day visit to Rajasthan on September 17-18.

The visit is likely to monitor the preparations in the state for the forthcoming Assembly elections, said chief electoral officer Anand Kumar. 


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