Lokesh is constructive and creative: Kay Kay

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Story: Actor Kay Kay Menon will be making his Marathi acting debut in Ek Sangaychay- Unsaid Harmony, which is directed by actor Lokesh Vijay Gupte. Speaking about what made him pick this film for his debut, the Haider (2014) actor says, “Like any other film, I looked at the script and the person helming the project. For this one, both were wonderful. In this case, Lokesh has been very constructive and creative.”

The film revolves around relationships, with a focus on the parent-child’s connection, and will emphasise the importance of communication in relationships. Kay Kay says, “It is an emotional film about relationships between two generations, the confrontation and many other aspects. It is a sensitive take on the topic. It is very rare to find such emotionally abundant scripts. Yes, regional cinema does tap on such subjects, but it is rare to find them in Bollywood. The film deals with a sensitive issue and a relationship that families don’t realise how to deal with. I looked at it as an opportunity to explore and search my inner emotions and portray them on-screen.”

Actor turned diretor Lokesh Vijay Gupte with actor Kay Kay Menon

How was it to work with Lokesh as a director? Kay Kay says, “We were completely on the same wavelength. When you are dealing with an emotional subject you need to be sensitive, and this layer exists in Lokesh. He has added several nuances to the entire concept.”

Kay Kay is familiar with Marathi as a language as he grew up in Pune, but he isn’t fluent in it, so he reveals that he had to work to get it up to scratch. “I don’t speak it regularly, so I had to brush it up.”


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