IRCTC-Indian Railways: Here’s what you should be served if your train is running late

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New Delhi | Published: June 14, 2018 11:05:14 am

IRCTC-Indian Railways: Did you know that there is a special menu if your Indian Railways train is running late?

IRCTC-Indian Railways: If your train is running late, and you are on board a Rajdhani, a Shatabdi or a Duronto, then you are entitled to be served a certain meal. The Indian Railway has a ‘train late’ situation in its IRCTC catering policy where the passengers are served meals and breakfast if their train is running late.

This policy of the Indian Railways is implemented if the train is two hours late than its arriving time. Remember, though, the service is only available to passengers traveling by Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto Express.

Below are the service items to be served under the IRCTC-Indian Railways policy to passengers

Tea/ Coffee
Biscuits in 2Nos. (Marie/ Brands approved by CCMs).
Tea/Coffee kit( Sugar/ sugar-free sachets (7gms)
Tea/ Coffee, Milk creamer sachet (5 gms)

Breakfast/ Evening Tea
4-Bread Slice (Brown/ white)(Big slice)
1-butter chiplet (8-10 gms)
1-Fruit drink in tetra pack (200 ml)
Tea/Coffee kit ( Sugar/ sugar-free sachets (7gms)
Tea/ Coffee, Milk creamer sachet (5 gms)

Lunch/ Dinner
Rice (200gm)
Dal (100gms.)(Yellow Daal Rajma/Choley)
pickle sachets (15 gms.)


7 Poori (175 gms)
Mix Veg./Aloo Bhaji (150gms)
Pickle sachets (15 gms)
Salt & pepper sachet (each)

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