Mission Impossible Fallout’s new teaser shows Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill battling it out

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Written by Kshitij Rawat | New Delhi | Published: June 10, 2018 11:14:06 am

mission impossible fallout teaser

Mission: Impossible – Fallout will release on July 27.

Paramount has released an extended scene of the much-awaited Mission: Impossible – Fallout face-off between Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt and Henry Cavill’s August Walker. The sixth iteration of the spy-action franchise will see the CIA becoming sceptical about Ethan Hunt and his motives. August Walker is kept in Hunt’s team by the CIA to eliminate him if he goes rogue, again.

August Walker is the hammer to Ethan Hunt’s scalpel. It is a battle between blunt force against precision. The choreography certainly looks great, although there is still no explanation of Cavill’s air punches. Cavill previously described his character as, “He is a blunt force trauma type attack. He kills everyone in the room and there are no questions or answers, there are no witnesses, there are no questions asked, and the job is done.”

Clearly, this character is vastly different from Cavill’s other famous role: Superman. The Man of Steel is a paragon of goodness and justice and a Jesus-like figure, who is revered by people. August Walker, on the other hand, is a shady, murderous man. One cannot imagine what it must have been like to switch the characters since the British actor was playing both the roles simultaneously at a point in time. Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the film due to which Henry Cavill could not shave his moustache and it had to be digitally removed in Justice League.

Ethan Hunt has a deadly foe on his hands and judging by the way this duel is being promoted, it is probably pivotal, something that would decide the fate of the protagonists. The film also stars Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Michelle Monaghan, Alec Baldwin, and Sean Harris, Wes Bentley, Vanessa Kirby, Sian Brooke, and Angela Bassett. Mission: Impossible – Fallout will release on July 27.

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