Bihar: 'Tejashwi is very close to my heart', Tej Pratap denies rumours of rift in Yadav brothers

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Bihar: ‘Tejashwi is very close to my heart’, Tej Pratap denies rumours of rift in Yadav brothers


Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad’s elder son and former Bihar Health Minister Tej Pratap Yadav on Sunday denied rumours about any rift within the Yadav family.

“All this news of family infighting etc is false, there is no such thing, I have nothing against Tejashwi and Lalu ji but yes some other senior leaders in the party are sidelining youth workers,” Tej Pratap told media in Patna today. 

Tej Pratap blamed state President RC Purve is ignoring workers.

Yesterday, Tej Pratap had alleged that some ‘anti-social elements’ were after the unity in the RJD.

“Asamajit tatv jo party ko todne ki koshish ker rahe hain woh hum kabhi nahin hone denge. Asamajik tatv chahte hain ki Lalu Yadav ko todo, party ko todo, aisa kabhi nahin hoga. tejashwi mere kaleje ka tukda hai (We will not let the anti-social elements who wish to break the party suceed. Anti-social elements want to break Lalu Yadav, the party, we will never let them succeed. Tejashwi is ear to my heart),” Tej Pratap said in a news clip he shared in Twitter. The video clip was accompanied by a message: Sanghiyon… afwah failane ki koshish mat karo aur kaan khol ke sun lo ‘tejashwi mere kaleje ka tukda hai’ (Sanghis, donot try to spread rumous and be sure that Tejashwi is very dear to me). 

Tej Paratap, who recently got married, also expressed unhappiness of on being “ignored and sidelined” in the party. “Sometimes I feel sidelined and ignored in the party. But I will not do anything that could threaten party’s unity,” he told the media. 

Tej Pratap, who is said to be of a religious nature and known for visiting temples and offering prayers, added that he will sacrifice anything for unity in the party and for his younger brother — Tejashwi.

Tejashwi is a former Deputy Chief Minister and present Leader of Opposition in the Bihar Assembly. He is considered by many as the heir apparent to Lalu Prasad in politics


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