JuzzBaatt…Sangeen Se Namkeen Tak: My journey not extraordinary but consistent, says Rajeev Khandelwal

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JuzzBaatt…Sangeen Se Namkeen Tak host Rajeev Khandelwal

Aamir star Rajeev Khandelwal said that he does not believe in having a blue print for his career and is secure in his choices as an actor. The 42-year-old actor, who rose to fame with television soap opera Kahiin Toh Hoga and Left Right Left, said that he critiques his own work constantly. 

“I am a secure person. The journey so far has been fantastic for me, it is just the way I had vaguely imagined considering my likes and dislikes. It has not been extraordinary but it has been consistent. Every journey would be extraordinary if done with passion and honesty,” Khandelwal said in an interview here. 

The actor left drama shows at the peak of his career for Bollywood and featured in critically-acclaimed Aamir, Shaitan, Soundtrack and Table No 21.

Khandelwal, who successfully hosted controversial reality show Sacch ka Samna, is set to return to TV after a gap of six years with Zee TV’s weekend chat show JuzzBaatt…Sangeen Se Namkeen Tak. 

The actor said that he has always followed his heart when it comes to choosing a role, be it in films or TV shows or the digital platform. “I have managed and survived without being worried what I will do next. When I look back at my work, I think this is the pace I want to maintain and continue with,” he said. 

“I don’t have a fixed plan, I don’t have a blue print that this is what I want to do, and reach there. All I want is when I look back I just want a sense of fulfilment and contentment that I did the right thing,” he added. 

The new show, Khandelwal said that is gimmicks free and deals with the inspiring journey of popular personalities. 

“This show is all about human content. There are no gimmicks on the show or plucked in humour or emotions. I believe we all have our stories, be it celebrities or a non-celebrity,” he said. 

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