Oru Adaar Love's Tamil teaser cashes in on Priya Prakash Varrier's wink. Watch …

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Priya Prakash Varrier, who shot to overnight fame earlier this year, has come back to impress her fans. This time in a Tamil song teaser for the film Oru Adaar Love.

The 1-minute video tries really hard to cash in on the popularity of Priya and her co-star Roshan Abdul Rahoof. It begins in a school laboratory with Priya and Roshan looking at each other during an experiment.

On Thursday, Priya put the video teaser on Instagram.

Like typical school romance films, they soon get out in the open with friends and Priya’s now famous ‘winking’ ensues. You may also find that the song strongly resembles Aamir Khan’s Pehla Nasha from Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander.

Directed by Omar Lulu, the film (originally in Malayalam) was about an innocent school romance, but after Priya’s sensational social media debut, the makers decided to focus the film on these two characters.

Priya was recently seen in a TV commercial in which she replicated the winking act, so her repetition of it doesn’t come as a surprise. The only thing which may become a concern for her later is the stereotyping in a particular role.

In an earlier interview with the Hindustan Times, Priya explained how her life changed after the viral clip. She said, “The director wanted me to play with my eyebrows in a certain way. It’s a mappila song (rhythmic songs in the north Kerala tradition) that has been recreated for the film. And there’s a scene where this girl and this boy converse through expressions — and the director wanted a certain mannerism. I just followed his instruction.”

The Tamil teaser says the film will be released in September.


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