Never challenge the audience's intelligence: Prakash Kunte 

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The plots of director Prakash Kunte’s films often revolve around and boil down to an important situation that becomes the crux of the story, as can be witnessed in his directorials such as Hampi (2017), Coffee Ani Barach Kahi (2015) or the new Hrishikesh Joshi-starrer, Cycle. However, the director is making an exception with his next project, which went on floors in March. “Unlike my earlier films, this film will be based on a time span of eight to ten years. The film features Vaibhav (Tatwawaadi; actor) in the role of an architect. It is a success story, to begin with. It is an attempt at something I have never done before. I have always worked on situation-driven films, but this one will be completely different,” says Prakash. The film will see the director reuniting with Vaibhav for a project for the first time since they worked on Coffee Ani Barach Kahi.

Prakash, who has four films under his belt, says he likes to mix things up when it comes to choosing his team for a film. “The rule is to never have a rule. So, for every concept of mine, I need new minds. I try and keep as much of the old team as possible, but I do bring in new people. Otherwise, it tends to become monotonous. New people bring novelty to a project.”

When asked about his opinion of the film industry, Prakash says he considers himself a newbie, but he thinks some things in the film industry could be improved upon. He says, “I am too naive to comment on this, But, I feel that we have some really interesting concepts, but we don’t do the optimum. This applies to me as well, and we do have some amazing exceptions. I feel 95% is mediocrity and I am a part of it.”

So, which area does he feel the industry is lacking in? “I don’t know the solution, but I can say that the audience is always right. You must never challenge the audience’s intelligence,” he replies.


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