After Makkhi, Naagin and Vampires, bizarre supernatural twists to takeover another TV family drama

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After Makkhi, Naagin and Vampires, bizarre supernatural twists to takeover another TV family drama

Our Television Industry is not new to bizarre supernatural concepts. From bringing a plot of makkhi in Sasural Simar Ka to making a full-fledged show on Naagins, daily soap makers have tried their luck with every outlandish supernatural being that can ever exist on earth. Still, their thirst to get path-breaking TRPs is still not quenched.

Just a few days back, a perfectly normal working family drama ‘Kaleerein’ introduced a naagin cum vishkanya plot to add crispiness to the show. And now we hear, Zee TV’s show ‘Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre’ has introduced us to another supernatural creature – a werewolf to spice up the ratings of the show.

The daily soap which started with the concept of  ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has completely got off-track just after the few months of the show. With new actors and huge leaps coming in, the show has now become a whole new drama now. Actress Sayantani Ghosh has been roped in to play a werewolf in the show and the promos are already out. We are sure Sayantani would make a glamorous werewolf. In one of the promo, Sayatani is seen hugging Shoaib Ibrahim from the back and is telling that she will make him a demon and take him along. Soon, Devika, his wife, intervenes to protect her husband from the evil. Later Devika herself turns into a werewolf.

This is just one example from a list of many. Zee TV’s another popular show ‘Woh Apna Sa’ introduced a ghost track last week. The show that initially started off as a story of a girl who falls in love with a married man has completely lost its plot and turned onto supernatural for high TRPs.

Regardless of all the crap that is shown on the television, these shows actually manage to gain good TRPs which is why their trend seems to go on for long. But it’s high time that we must ask ourselves if the idiot box is actually dumbing us down


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