10 Reasons To Include The Super Fruit Guava In Your Diet

10 Reasons To Include The Super Fruit Guava In Your Diet

New Delhi: Fruits like guavas and mangoes have often with associated with a lot of childhood memories. Stealing guavas from the neighbour’s tree, climbing trees to pluck guavas and so many more, guavas indeed bring back a lot of happy memories. Now, leaving the fun part aside, guava has a lot of health benefits and it is good to include it in our diet. Whether you consume it raw, or in the form of salad, or juice, it is tasty in all its forms and super nutritious. Also, if you are bored with the regular guava, you can also sprinkle some chaat masala and enjoy the spice along with the slightly tangy taste that guava has.

Guava has been recognised as one of the super fruits because of its multiple health advantages in addition to its distinctive flavour and aroma. According to data from the US Department of Agriculture, a 100 g portion of the fruit has just 68 calories and 8.92 g of sugar. It also contains considerable amounts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous. 

Here are 10 reasons to include the superfood Guava in your diet:

1. It Keeps The Heart Healthy:

Guava’s high antioxidant content can help treat a variety of cardiac diseases. Additionally, it helps to improve the sodium and potassium balance in the body, which helps patients’ blood pressure to be controlled. According to a study, they also assist in reducing triglycerides and bad cholesterol while boosting good cholesterol by 8%.

2. Helps To Maintain The Digestive System:

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Being a great source of dietary fibre, guava eases diarrhoea and constipation. When chewed or consumed whole, guava seeds work wonders as laxatives, promoting the development of regular bowel motions. According to a study, guava leaf extracts have antibacterial qualities and help eliminate dangerous bacteria in the intestines that cause diarrhoea.

3. Is Good For Eyesight:

Guava is well known for enhancing eye health since it contains vitamin A. Macular degeneration and cataract development may be slowed down, on regular consumption of guava. According to one study, vitamin A deficiency causes the majority of children to experience eye-related conditions like conjunctival xerosis, corneal scarring, and night blindness. Inflammation and oxidation are the most frequent causes of eye-related issues.  Adding guava fruits to your dish will provide you with an excellent source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals.

4: Helps To Maintain Healthy Skin:

Antioxidants including carotene, lycopene, and vitamins A and C are abundant in guavas and help shield the skin from a variety of skin-related conditions. It also aids in the treatment of skin conditions like acne, particularly when the condition is accompanied by inflammation. Due to oxidative stress, free radicals are among the causes of many skin conditions, including skin cancer. The rich antioxidants in guava, on the other hand, can help scavenge free radicals.Guava also contains vitamins D and E, which are crucial for the regeneration of skin cells and the production of collagen.

5. Guava Is A Good Stress-Buster:

Guava also helps to relax the body’s muscles and nerves thanks to the magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium it contains. Therefore, guava is unquestionably what you need to unwind your muscles, reduce stress, and give your body a wonderful energy boost after a strenuous workout or a long day at the job. Guava’s anti-inflammatory and hypotensive properties can also assist with relaxing. 

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6. Is A Great Option For People With Diabetes:

Guava may help to regulate your blood sugar, according to some data. It also prevents the onset of diabetes due to its high fibre content and low glycemic index. The presence of fibre guarantees that sugar levels are properly controlled while the low glycemic index prevents a sudden surge in sugar levels. Studies reveal that guava leaf extracts also help lower blood sugar levels. Additionally, they can aid in regulating hyperglycemia, long-term blood sugar, hypercholesterolemia, and hypoadiponectinemia.

However, recent studies show that guava can increase blood sugar levels. This can be a result of the high fructose content that is collected around the guava peel. Thus, it is advised to remove or peel off the outer skin of the fruit before eating.

7. Guava Also Helps To Boost Immunity:

Through its effects on natural killer cells and antimicrobial bacteria, guava also strengthens the body’s immune systems. Vitamin C helps to strengthen your immune system and guard against illnesses by destroying dangerous germs and viruses. Although there is no proof that guava helps stop colds, research shows that vitamin C can shorten the duration of a cold. As a result, vitamin C needs to be a part of your daily diet. Guava also boosts iron absorption, preserving your body’s immune levels and enhancing your strength.

8. Guava Helps To Manage Weight Gain:

Including guava in your daily fruit bowl will reduce the accumulation of fats in the body. They are low in calories, so you may eat them without going over your daily calorie limit and yet feel content. It also has a higher water content. Therefore, it subtly improves your rate of hydration, which significantly reduces your stomach. Additionally, it was discovered that guava leaves contain a significant amount of substances that scavenge free radicals. These phytochemicals have been shown to enhance weight loss and cholesterol metabolism.

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9. Guava Beats Toothache:

Guava leaves contain strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that fight inflammation and eradicate germs. As a result, consuming guava leaves is an excellent at-home treatment for toothaches. Guava leaf juice has also been reported to treat oral ulcers, inflamed gums, and toothaches.

10. It Is Good For The Brain:

Vitamins B6 and B3, often known as pyridoxine and niacin, respectively, are abundant in guavas. These two vitamins support better blood flow in the brain, nerve relaxation, and cognitive stimulation. Guava is also believed to enhance mental processes by boosting blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain’s tissues.


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